The New Girl (Louis Tomlinson)

Samantha Lively is a confident girl from New York City with popularity, perfect boyfriend and designer clothes. It all changes one night, when her parents die during a car accident. She has to move to a small town in Pennsylvania to live with her aunt Kate. What happens when she meets the sexy, messy haired boy Louis Tomlinson and she starts to fall for him? (The boys are not famous in this story)


8. Chapter 8

I just did not think. I did not think at all. I just did what felt right. And it did feel right. More than right actually. It felt amazing. Mesmerizing. Mind blowing. So there we were - outside the house where nobody could see us, pressed against each other kissing recklessly. He picked me up so he was holding me in is arms as I was leaning against the wall. I wrapped my arms around his neck, feeling his warm hands traveling around my body along with the electricity of is touch.

"What...are we....doing?" He gasped  between the kisses. I didn't bother to reply. I didn't bother to do anything but make out with him. The drunk me was even more careless and impulsive than sober me. How suprising. Suddenly I heard someone giggling. The girl probably didn't see us, but she was pretty close and she managed to get our attention because we both froze.

"Let's go," Louis whispered as he put me back on my feet. He took my hand and we started walking somewhere. I was still breathing heavily and so did he. Where were we going? I wanna make out, not go on a hike.  Before I opened my mouth to ask, Louis suddenly stopped.

"Look, there!" he said as he pointed at something. I followed the direction of his finger and there it was - a treehouse. It was quite dark so If he didn't point it  out, I would never notice it.

"You wanna make out in a treehouse?" I asked him with my eyebrow raised. So not sexy.

"Easy tyger, it's better than it might seem. You'll see," he laughed and started climbing on the ladder to get to that not very attractive looking treehouse. I stood there for a minute and waited for him to get there. As soon as he did, he looked at me with amused look on his face.

"C'mon Lively, don't be a pussy," he shouted at me. Jerk.

"Shut up Tomlinson. I'm coming," I snapped at him and started climbing. I could hear him tittering. When I got there he held my hand again,opened the little fornt door and let me in.

" I wish I could appreciate the beauty of this wonderful treehouse, unfortunately I can't see shit," I pronounced as I stood there in the dark. Louis let go of my hand so I was even more irrataded. This is so not  what I signed for. I wanted one hot,passionate and long lasting make out, not playing hide and seek in a treehouse. 

"Just, wait for it," he responded, obviously amused by my irritation. Suddenly a dim light appeared next to me, it was quite a big red candle and it lit up the treehouse so I could see what surrounded me. It was quite big - bigger than I expected it to be. There were more candles , pillows and blankets all over the place, posters of bands and singers on the walls and flower curtains on all of the three mini windows this treehouse had.

Essentially, it was beautiful. The candles,the smell of wax and wood was soothing and the atmosphere was peacefull. Like it was standing here for a long, long time. I was mesmerised. 

"I told you you would like it," Louis's voice interrupted my thoughts. Jeez man, I was having a moment and you ruined it. 

"It's allright," I shrugged my shoulders, pretending I didn't care. He glanced at me, put the candle on the ground and pulled me into his arms. I started to rejoice in my mind. Finally, some sexy time! I don't mean to sound horny but we all know what rhymes with drunk. Sex. And at that moment, I was drunk, so some sexy time couldn't hurt. 

• • • • •

"Hey Liam, could you bring those beer bootles in the house? There is a blue..." someone's holler woke me up. I whimpered and stretched my legs. That was the moment I realized the surface I was laying on was pretty hard so there was no I way it was my comfy and warm bed. I quickly opened my eyes and bright sunbeams hit my eyes. I sat up and came to another realization. I was naked. Naked, covered just in a blanket and next to a guy. And I knew exactly who that guy was, when I finally came to my senses. Oh no. No no no no no no no. I can't belive this. I slept with Louis Tomlinson. 

"Fuck," I croaked. Oh man, how much did I drink? I remember almost everything. I mean, I was conscious. But what the hell? Sleeping with Louis? Really? What am I? Valerie 2.0? Oh no. Hell no.

I got up in a hurry and as soon as I did I regretted it. Not only did I almost fell over cause my head  went dizzy, but I also managed to bump into the naked, messy haired Louis, which caused him to open his eyes in shock.

"What the - " he whispered and started stretching. I waited until the the dizziness dissapeared and started looking for my clothes. "Morning" Louis moaned.

"Hey," I frowned and continued looking. I found everything, except my bra. I sighted. 

"This is..." I heard Louis's voice so I turned around to see him holding my black lace bra in his hand with a cheeky smile on his face.

"Humiliating at so many levels," I added and took it off his hand.

"What time is it?" he ignored my comment, got up and started to put  his jeans on. 

"Oh fuck," I bursted, "I forgot my bag in the house!"

"Oh...well we have to go there anyway, plus I think I gotta help Harry clean this place up," he sighted. Wohou - does he think I'm gonna go inside? Hell to the no!

"I'm not gonna go inside. They can't see me. I was never here. And this," I pointed at him and me, " never happened." I added emphatically.

"You mean the hottest, most mind - blowing sex of your life?" he asked with a  cocky smile. 

"Oh, please, don't flatter yourself." I said amused by his ego. I mean, maybe it was true that it was indeed the best sex I've ever had. But I was never going to admit it. Never. I got dressed quickly and decided to take a short look out of the window if I could see anybody. The garden was clear so I turned around to face Louis,who was right next to me. 

"This is what's gonna happen." I said with a determined voice. "We're both gonna go down, I will go to my car through the garden and you will go into the house to get my bag. Then you'll bring it to me. If anyone asks, you passed out outside and just woke up. And make sure nobody sees you taking the bag."

"Nice plan," he nodded. "But what's in it for me?"

"I gave you me last night. I think that's enough for a lifetime," I responded to his dumbass question.

"Now who's flattering ha?" he noted with a giggle. 

"Not flattering, just pointing out the facts," I shrugged my shoulders. "Do we have a deal or not?" He hesitated for a while with his squinting eyes and then agreed.

"We have a deal."

Five minutes later I was already waiting at my car. It was easy to get here stealthily due to the fact Harry's garden was huge and overgrown by flowers and bushes. I really hoped Louis was able to get my bag without being noticed too. I waited there for about 5 more minutes before I finally glimpsed him running out the door - still without a shirt on but to my relief, holding my bag.

"Finally, what took you so long!" I snapped at him as soon as he approached me and snached my purse from his hand.

"It was hard to get it unnoticeably. They were all over me, asking a looot of questions..." he smiled at me devilishly. I frowned at him and got to my car. "A little thank you would be nice," he said. I mumbled something and started the engine. I'm not gonna thank him. Not gonna give him the satisfaction. He watched me with amused look and then stepped back.

"Never mind. You'll thank me later," he shouted at me as I was driving away. Oh yeah, in your dreams. When I got home, I noticed that Kate's car was gone. She must have left for work already. My head was still hurting and the sun did not help at all. I went inside and took a Coco - refresh Vitamin Water out of the fridge.  I sat on the sofa and checked my phone. I had like 5 messages and 2 missed calls, all from Candice. Damn. I totally forgot about her. How selfish am I? I was all over my head making out and sexing - it's not even a word I know but whatever - with this douchebag and I forgot about her. Who does that? I send her a text saying I was really sorry. I would have called her, but I wasn't exactly in the mood to explain what happened last night. I didn't even know what I wanted to tell her. I mean, what should I tell her anyway? You know, I was partying and had more drinks. Oh yeah, and I slept with Louis Tomlinson. Awesome. Just awesome.

"Sammy wake up," I heard Kate's soft voice.I opened my eyes and realized I fell asleep at the sofa. This was happening a lot lately.

"Ugh...,"I sat up slowly, trying to make the room stop swirling. "What time is it?" I asked with a hoarse voice. I felt even more awfull then I did this morning. I swear this hangover is going to kill me.

"It's 4 pm darling," she said with an entertained look on her face. 

"I'm glad that you enjoy seeing me look like this" I snapped at her as I was getting up and trying to strech my stiff body.

"You have no idea," she started laughing and I hit her with a pillow that was on the couch. I couldn't help myself and started laughing too. 

"Thanks," I said, still with a smile on my face. "Gosh I smell like a liquer store," I whimpered. Time to take shower Samantha. As I was cleaning my body with my favourite Cherry Blossom shower gel the only thing I could think about was last night. I tried really hard not to, but it just kept on popping in my head. So annoying. I just have to focus on something else. Like a song. Yeah, a song sounds good. So I did. I focused on singing and it worked. I stopped thinking. I was just singing in the shower - nothing more, nothing less...

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