The New Girl (Louis Tomlinson)

Samantha Lively is a confident girl from New York City with popularity, perfect boyfriend and designer clothes. It all changes one night, when her parents die during a car accident. She has to move to a small town in Pennsylvania to live with her aunt Kate. What happens when she meets the sexy, messy haired boy Louis Tomlinson and she starts to fall for him? (The boys are not famous in this story)


7. Chapter 7

As soon as I got home I texted Candice to ask her about the party. I went up to my room, opened the closet and changed into comfy, black short shorts and white shirt. I quickly got my hair into a messy bun and then threw myself on the bed. I agreed to pick Candice up at 10 and then I locked my phone and just lay there. I was quite excited about tonight. I used to party a lot back in NYC, mostly with my best friend Marylin. She was such a party animal and she teached me how to have the best time at a party and dont care about anything else but that moment of freedom.

Maroon 5's song playing woke me up and it took me while to realize whats going on. I fell asleep.

"Crap," I mumbled and looked for my Iphone. I found it lying under the pillow and I quickly picked it up.

"Hello," I said as I was yawning. It was Kate.

"Hi sweetie, did I wake you?" she said with an apologizing voice.

"Yep, thank god you did. I fell asleep," I thanked her. I looked at the clock on my bedside table and I relaxed. I still have a lot of time to get ready.

"Oh, I see," she laughed a little, " listen, I think I'm not gonna make it for dinner tonight. I've got a lot of work at the gallery," she apologized. Super, that's quite convinient.

"Yeah, sure thats ok. I've got some plans anyway. I'm going to some party with kids from school so I won't be home either," I said as I was getting up and walking out of the room.

"Oh, a party ha? " I could hear a smile in her voice.

"Yeah, I will probably crash at Candices,so I won't be  home until the morning" I responded. She agreed with a quite friendly reminder "don't get too wasted" and then hung up. Now was the time to make myself look fabulous. I took my time while preparing, I mean c'mon I've got to look my best right?

I was more than satisfacted with my appearence when I checked myself in the hallway mirror. I decided to go for  a simple but sexy look which wasn't exactly screaming "yes I'm trying really hard to look the best in this place" but you know, a little bit of attention over my looks wouldn't hurt.  So there I was, leaving my house wearing white cropped tight  top with long sleeves, heigh waisted skinny jeans and my favourite white pair of Converse sneakers. I styled it with cute gold necklace and small golden&black  bag with glitter. I was also very proud of the way I did my hair: casual but gorgeous looking Victoria's Secret waves. I didn't use that much makeup tho, just some powder, blush,mascara and mac lipstick.

A few minutes later I was driving my babe with Candice on my side. It was already past 10pm so I guess people are already "partying hard" but I was more comfortable coming later. 

"Look who showed up!" Harry shouted as we entered his pretty luxury looking house. As I expected, everyone was already drinking, dancing, laughing and yelling at each other. Your typical american red cup party. What I didn't expect tho, was Harry hugging me tightly. I could tell he was already drunk but c'mon man, we met 2 days ago, come down. I was feeling quite uncomfortable but I guess he didn't notice my hesitation at all. 

"So," I said with excitment as I pulled away from him, "where's the Tequila?" He laughed and pointed at a pretty decent mini-bar in the living room. 

"Follow me ladies," he set of to prepare us a drink. As I was walking through the crowd of people I was satisfied with the glares I attracted, but that did not last for too long as I noticed the person I was not eager to meet tonight. Valerie. She was once again surrounded by her minions and as soon as as she saw me, she stoped laughing and frowned. I faked a huge smile which apparently pissed her off. But whatever, enough of this Valerie shit. I came here to have fun, which I definitely will and I won't let her ruin my night.

"Here you go,let the party begin" Harry said as he handed me and Candice a shot of Tequila.

"So did you - oh you've got to be kidding me!" Harry was just about to say something when he noticed some jerks throwing a vase at each other. 

"Okay, let's do this," Candice looked at me with  encouraging smile and handed me the bottle of Tequila. This night shall be intersting.


• • • • • 

A few hours later, or should I say a few shots of Tequila's later, I found myself having a great time. Candice and I were laughing so hard at everything, especially the lame efforts of guys trying to hit on us with their super awkward pick- up lines. I swear, some of this high school boys...Anyway, as I came to now a few minutes ago, Valerie has already left. I have no idea why and I do not care.

"I've got to get to the bathroom," Candice croaked between her laughter, " or I swear I'm gonna wet myself." I laughed as I saw her runnig upstaris. I was sitting on the couch with another 3 people who were now talking to each-other. Sadly, I did not bother to remember their names and I really did not feel like talking about some boy drama of that girl next to me with a really bad hairstyle - seriously, it's not the 90's anymore. I got up and walked through the crowd  - there was even more people than when I got here. I swear the whole high school must have been here. I noticed big glass door which headed to the garden so I decided to went out to get some fresh air. I was pretty dizzy, for god's sake, how much did I drink? I didn't realise until now, that there was a quite huge pool with a lot of people in it splashing water at each other and laughing hysterically. A pool party. Cool. 

"Hey," I heard a voice behind me. I knew instantly whose voice was it and a strange feeling shot trough my body. Weird. I turned around to see Louis Tommlinson's face.

"Hi," I smiled at him and as I looked into his cute eyes. The smile lasted for too long until I realised I must have looked like an idiot. Wohou - what was that about. Come your pants down Lively.

"Why aren't you inside, ha?" he asked as he reached for one of the bottled beers that was on a table next to him, opened it and handed to me. 

"Umm,thanks...I just needed some fresh air," I replied and took a sip. "How 'bout you?"

"Same here. Plus I saw you going here and I got scared you might fall into the pool and drown," he said with an innocent voice and shrugged his shoulders.

"Haha, funny," I faked a laughter. "And I'm not that drunk," I added and raised my eyebrow.

"Yeah, right," he giggled. What's his problem? I mean, it's a party, ofcourse I'm gonna be drunk. I'm just having a good time.

"Why do you care anyway?" I asked him and took another, this time bigger sip. Screw him.

"I don't," he shrugged his shoulders. 

"Good," I replied and we both went silent. I could feel the tension between us. Only this was not the kind of tension I would expect...and I could see I was not the only one who felt that way. I looked up to see him glaring at me with those sparkling green eyes full of lust and his sexy hair and those lips...and before I realised what was going on, he pushed me against the wall and we were kissing intensely.



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