The New Girl (Louis Tomlinson)

Samantha Lively is a confident girl from New York City with popularity, perfect boyfriend and designer clothes. It all changes one night, when her parents die during a car accident. She has to move to a small town in Pennsylvania to live with her aunt Kate. What happens when she meets the sexy, messy haired boy Louis Tomlinson and she starts to fall for him? (The boys are not famous in this story)


6. Chapter 6

I was looking at him for a moment and I noticed there was a purple-bluee bruise right under his left eye. He sat on his chair and he ruffled his hair. I sighted and checked my phone again, but Candice wasn't replying to any of my texts.

" If I was you, I would hide that. Mr.Cooper hates phones and he will take yours the minute he sees it," I heard Louisa whispering to me. 

"Thanks," I replied a little belatedly, locked my phone and threw it into my purse. After that, I was just sitting there, playing with my bracelet,my hair...actually with everything I could possibly play with. This was seriously the worst day ever. I was just in the mood where I wanted to go home, lock myself in my room, cuddle up with my pillow and try to convince myself that the thing about my parents being dissapointed in me was not true. Instead, I am stuck in here with a bunch of weird people and Lous Tommlinson. Could it get any better?

"So why are you here anyway?" Louis's voice interrupted my thoughts. I turned to him and he was staring at me with his blue eyes. This explaines why is he even talking to me - he has no idea what I did to his lovely girlfriend. I was quite suprised, I thought everybody knew by now. Well well, that shall be interesting.

" I got into a fight with someone at the gym," I smiled at him 

"Interesting. Who was the lucky girl?" he giggled. Oh boy, if only you knew.

"Your girlfriend," I was still smiling as I saw his expression changing. The smile on his face dissapeared, but it still wasn't the kind of reaction I expected. Yes, he was angry, but there was also something else. It looked like he was...sad? I was waiting for him to start yelling at me or at least fuck me off but suprisingly, that didn't happen.

"She's not my girlfriend..." he mumbled unintelligibly and turned his face away from me. Allright, now I'm completly confused. When I saw them earlier today, they were acting like a total love birds drooling all over each other and now she's not his girlfriend? That must have been a really fast breakup...which ended with a bruise. I was thinking about it for a quite while, but when I realized that I'm analyzing the relationship of the two people I hate, I mentaly slapped myself. I do not care about their twisted love story right?

"Whatever," I mumbled too and that was the end of our conversation. Obviously, the rest of the detention was horribly borring and I almost ran of the class when it finally ended. I got into my car and drove the fastest I could to get home. I ran upstairs, shut the door and jumped on my bed. I cuddled to my blanket and hugged my favourite fluffy pillow. And just like that, all the emotions that I was keeping inside not letting them throught all summer, exploded. I tried to be strong, not to think about how much I miss them, how much I wanted them to be here with me. I just wanted to start a new life and move on. I guess I did it all too fast.

When I finally stopped crying I went downstairs to get something to eat. I didn't realize it was that late, so I was suprised to see Kate making dinner.

"Hi sweetie," she smiled at me while she was slicing a tomato.

"Hey, need some help?" I smiled at her. She asked me to set the table so I did and after that we ate our delicious dinner - grilled salmon with roasted white asparagus, carrots and orange. 

"So, I got a call from your principal today..." she said cautiously as she was finishing her meal.

"Ehm, yeah I was on detention," I answered with a smile.

"Cool," Kate winked at me and we both bursted in laughter. Kate's opinion on this kind of stuff was so different than my mom's. I remember how mom used to tell me all the things that Kate has done when she was a teenager, and let's just say that the thing I did today its nothing compare to that.

I woke up the next day feeling unexpectedly good. As I was lying in my bed, stretching my legs under the blanket,I was thinking about yesterday's little breakdown and I realized something. Sure, maybe what I did was extremly childish and irresponsible but so what? I am a teenager so I'm aloud to make mistakes, to act childish and to do what I want. I will have plenty of time acting responsible mature when Im 30 years old, but I will never ever be 16 again. And I doubt that my parents would be dissapointed over something that silly. So after that moment of wisdom I felt pretty awesome and I was more then happy to start my morning ritual. 

The start of my day in schooI was to my suprise pretty good. I noticed that Valerie wasn't there so I was looking forward to finaly experience a calm day without all this girl drama shit.

"So,did you enjoy your time on detention?" Justin asked me mockingly when we were sitting in the cafeteria and Candice started giggling.

"Well, what can I say. It was simply fabulous," I responded and I rolled my eyes, "I wonder why Louis Tommlinson was there tho.." I added as I picked a piece of sliced tomatoe on my fork.

"Wait, you don't know?" Justin raised his eyebrows at me. 

"No.." I frowned. He laughed wickedly and started whispering.

"The rumor has it that Louis cought Valerie making out with Taylor Edwards and they started punching each other and there was blood everywhere..." I raised my eyebrows at him "...allright, maybe it wasn't that dramatic but you know what I mean," he rolled his eyes and Candice laughed. Well, that explains the bruise and the "she's not my girlfriend" shit. I had  3 more classes after lunch and then I headed to detention. I wasn't sitting there very long when Louis Tommlinson came. He took a seat next to me just like the other day and sat there quietly. His black eye looked even worse than it did yesterday and he looked quite tired.

"What?" his voice interupted my thoughts and I realized that I was staring at him. This is not awkward, not at all...

"Nothing...nice eye by the way," I bit my lip so I wouldnt start laughing. 

"Oh this?" he asked me and pointed at the bruise, "thats nothing. You should see the other guy tho," he grinned at me. 

"Yea, I bet he's still trying to walk it off," I replied and laughed ironicaly. 

"So, are you going to this thing at Harrys tonight?" he looked at me with those blue eyes and I could see the sparkle of excitement in them.

"Yeah probably ," I shrugged my shoulders. I wasnt really sure if I wanted to come, but on the other hand, what the hell right? And Harry said theres gonna be a lot of booze. Oh, maybe there's gonna be tequila! Yum. So I guess I'm going after all. A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts about alcohol and I looked up to see Mr.Cutebutt aka Mr. Ellington asking not that attractive Mr.Cooper to speak with him. They both left the class, causing the explosion of stupidity of my dear detention classmates. Seriously, they started acting like animals in a zoo: yelling, laughing, throwing stuff at each other and running around the place like freakin morons. 

"Come the fuck down, would ya?" I said and raised  my eyebrows when some guy ran by and managed to kick into my purse.

"Sorry," he mumbled and continued doing...I don't even know what he was doing. I rolled my eyes and sighted. I saw Louis chuckle and I looked at him irritated, but when I saw his face expression, I couldnt help but laugh at them along with him.

"Are all the people in this place acting like they have been diagnosed with mental dissease?" I asked him between our laughter.

"No, not all of them thank god," he chuckled and then took a deep breath. At that time, Mr. Cooper stepped into the class and stared at us in shock. 

"Come down," he yelled and I was suprised by the strenght of his voice.

"Wow, scary" Louis whispered and smiled at me. I just giggled but then I shut my face, because I definately didnt want another reason to be detained for. As everyone took their seat there was a quiet moment before Mr. Cooper spoke.

"I apologize for the interuption, but for gods sake what is wrong with you?" He snapped at us. Nobody said anything, and I fight the urge of pointing out my theory of mental illness. But who knows, maybe that would get me some bonus points. Everyone was watching quietly Mr.Cooper, as he was taking his seat with a death glare on his face. 

"Lively and Tomlinson, youre dismissed for today," he said a little bit less angry. I started to open my mouth but Louis was faster.

"What?" he raised his eyebrow in disbelief.

"For good manners. Don't make me regret my decision and go before I change my mind," he said as he was putting on his glasses. Me and Louis looked at each other and a smile of victory appeared on our faces. I quickly got my stuff and as I was walking by others I noticed their annoyed looks. 

"Morons," I mumbled quietly enough for them to hear me ( not that loud so Mr.Cooper doesnt change his mind), still smiling ofcourse. The girl who heard me frowned even more to my satisfaction. We quickly said goodbye and we were out of the class, walking in the corridor in a second. As soon as we were far enough so no one would hear us, we started laughing. 

"Hes my favourite teacher from now on," Louis said between the giggles. "I love you James Cooper!" he shouted. As we were walking enthusiastically out of the school I realised something. Its kind of weird actually, but this was the first time in a long,long time when I was feeling good. Happy. Well, almost happy. The only problem was who I was happy with. It was Louis Tomlinson. Im not supposed to be happy around him, Im not supposed to be even friendly, right? I mean, yes I want to do what I want at all, but isnt this thing Im currently doing, acting all "were such a good mates" kind of pathetic? My unbelievably annoying thoughts and doubts ruined my mood. For sure.

"Everything ok?" Louis asked me with a confused look, as he spotted that I wasnt that excited anymore. 

"Everythings just fine," I responded with a small,not very honest smile and kept on walking. I reached my car and started looking for my keys.

"Well see ya at the party Lively, and wear something tight" he walked past me and shouted.

"Yea, whatever" I responded. I couldnt see his face but I heard a loud laughter. I rolled my eyes and got in my babe, started the engine and headed home. 

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