The New Girl (Louis Tomlinson)

Samantha Lively is a confident girl from New York City with popularity, perfect boyfriend and designer clothes. It all changes one night, when her parents die during a car accident. She has to move to a small town in Pennsylvania to live with her aunt Kate. What happens when she meets the sexy, messy haired boy Louis Tomlinson and she starts to fall for him? (The boys are not famous in this story)


3. Chapter 3

 The rest of the day went ok. I got rid almost of all the stickiness from myself and my dress, but I still smelled like a kid's strawberry shampoo.I noticed that everyone was still talking about our fight in the hall, especially at lunch. I sat with Candice and she introduced me to her friend Justin.

"You're a legend girl," Justin said enthusiastically as  we were siting in the cafeteria. I couldn't help laughing, he had amazingly funny accent.

"Why does everybody keep saying that?" I asked desperately, " I mean, I was just defending myself. It wasn't like I really punched her or anything."

"Yeah, but noone is defending themselves from Valerie Sparks. She would make a hell out of our lifes if we would even try," Justin explained as he was sipping his drink. 

"Well I'm not afraid of her, there's nothing she could do to me. She doesn't even know me," I said fearlessly and I meant every word. My life is already ruined, I lost everything I had. My parents, best friend, boyfriend, my dreams and ambitions, life in NY - everything. There is nothing this cocky biatch could do to me to make my life worse. It's at the bottom already. So no, I'm not afraid of her.

"Allright allright, just saying you better watch out," he lifted his hands into the air. I smiled at him and then we continued in our conversation about everything and nothing. I found out that Candice has a younger brother and she only lives with her mum and Justin is a only child with incredibly weird parents, as he kept saying. Oh yeah, and that he's incredibly gay.The most awkward situation was when they asked me about me and my family. As I came to know, they only knew that I was from NY. 

"So did you move here with your parents or..?" Candice asked me curiously. I wasn't sure what to say, because I really don't want people to know but I also didn't want to lie to them. I mean, they would figure it out anyway and I need some people on my side now that I have started a war with the devil.

", my parents actually died 2 months ago so I had to move here to live with my aunt," I said and I smiled at her. She became silent and I could see that she was embarrassed for bringing it up, even if she had no reason to be.

"Oh, I'm sorry I-" she started apologizing.

"No it's okay," I smiled at her but I knew it wasn't very convincing. Justin then started talking about some girl's outfit, which made me relax again. After the school day I got home and I finally had a very long shower. Kate was still at work so the house was really quiet. I decided to make some dinner, but there weren't enough  ingredients in the fridge so I needed to buy some. I changed into much more comfortable outfit - I chose to wear skinny jeans, a simple white sweater with studded shoulders and my favourite Prada bag - and I headed to town. I decided to make a short stop at Starbucks to get some coffee so I parked on the nearest parking spot and I entered the coffee shop.I stood in the line as I was texting Kate about my plans.

"Are you serious?" I heard a familiar laugh. I turned my head to see who it was and the minute I did I regretted it. There they were, Louis and his friends sitting at the table, laughing hysterically over something. My eyes met with Louis and our eye contact lasted long enough that I could see his beautiful green eyes with a hint of blue colour. I turned my head back, mentaly slapping myself. You don't like him, therefore you don't like his eyes, I was lecturing myself. But on the other hand, how can I not like him if I don't even know him right? There was 3 more people on the line in front of me so I had plenty of time to decide what to buy.

"Hi," I suddenly heard boy's husky voice behind me. I turned around to see a curly haired boy with green eyes and a smile on his face. I have to admit, he was quite handsome. I realized that he was on of Louis friends.

"Hi," I responded hesitatingly. What could he possibly want from me?

"I'm Harry," he smiled at me, "and you must be Samantha, right?" 

" Yeah that's me," I said curtly. I realized it was my turn so I ordered a chai tea latte - my favourite.

"So how long have you lived here?" he asked me with unfeigned interest. Is he still standing here?

"I moved here two months ago, but I spent almost all that time traveling so..." I answered with a short smile. I noticed that Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam were watching us. I gave them a short glare and as soon as they realized I caught them watching, they turned their attention to something else.

"Oh really? That's interesting. Where did you go?" Harry asked me again. Do I really have to say this to a complete stranger, who actually happens to be best friends with my enemies boyfriend? I mean he's gonna tell everything I say to Louis and Louis gonna tell it to Valerie. And I really don't want that. The less she knows about me, the better. But when I look at it from another angle, maybe it would be good to actually know them. They are the most popular boys in the whole school and hanging out with them would make me more popular. I mean, it's not that I would want that, but can you imagine how angry would Valerie be if I took even a little bit of attention from her? Priceless.

"To Europe. I stayed mostly in  London with my best friend, but I also visted France and Italy," I gave him a smile, trying to be flirty and seductive this time. He seemed quite impressed. We talked a little bit more about my summer trips and then I finally got my coffee.

"Well see you at school then," he said as I was playing with my car keys. He smiled at me and his cute dimples appeared.

"Ok, bye," I smiled at him back, turned around and walked out of Starbucks. I got into my car and I finally hit the road to get to some grocery store. It didn't take me too long and I found one, so I stopped to make my shopping. When I got home, Kate still wasn't there. I wasn't very suprised, as it was less then a week until her very important exhibiton in the galery she owns. I was so happy and proud of her, she made her dream come true and she build her own galerie which was actually quite famous around here. I started preparing dinner - a chicken salad with grilled bread and a carrot juice. Just when I was finishing, Kate got home.

"Sammi," she started shouting as she didnt know that I was in the kitchen.

"In here," I shouted back. She got into the kitchen and threw herself on a chair, her messy hair sticking in every side. 

"Are you okay?" I giggled at the sight of her.

"Yeah, just another busy day at the galerie," she sighed. 

"Hungry ?" I raised my eyborw as I was holding a plate in my hand.

"Starving," she groaned and I chuckled. We ate our dinner and chatted a little bit. I didnt tell her everything that happened today, but I did tell her enough so we could chitchat about Little Miss Valerie. Kate actually helped me a lot when she told me the rumor, that apparently her dad has an affair with his assistant. She made me promise not to tell anyone and even if Valerie would deserve it, I wouldnt tell it anyway. Maybe I'm a sassy bitch sometimes, but I'm not a home wrecker.

After dinner, me and Kate made a movie night, but we didn't even finish one movie and we were dead. I woke up on the couch in the middle of the night, with Kate feet under my face. Perfect. I got up and gently woke her up and then told her to go to bed. She probably didnt even know whats going on when she went slowly to her room, but whatever. I was happy to get into my warm bed and I cuddled with my pillow. 


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