The New Girl (Louis Tomlinson)

Samantha Lively is a confident girl from New York City with popularity, perfect boyfriend and designer clothes. It all changes one night, when her parents die during a car accident. She has to move to a small town in Pennsylvania to live with her aunt Kate. What happens when she meets the sexy, messy haired boy Louis Tomlinson and she starts to fall for him? (The boys are not famous in this story)


2. Chapter 2

I jumped into my red 1967 Ford, that was my love. I was never into super luxury, fancy cars. I got this babe right before the "thing" happened, for my 16th brithday from my daddy. Everytime I drive it, it reminds me of him. I put on my black Raybans and headed to school as my long brown, curly hair flitted in the air. I got there in less then 5 minutes and I parked on the nearest parking space. As soon as I got of my baby, I heard a high- pitched voice screaming at me. I turned my head to see 4 girls in a silver Camaro staring right at me with irratated looks. Well that shall be interesting.

" Excuse me?" I responsed confidently with a loud voice, causing a few poeple turn their face's at me. 

" I said this is my spot," she snapped at me. Now I know what's going on here. Everyone knows that there's always The Queen Bee on every school, who is always suraunded by her passy of naive, stupid girls who are usually just her servants. This biatch thinks that every one will do as she says. Yea, keep on dreaming sweetie.

" I don't see a sign with your name on it, so I guess you just have to find another one and deal with it," I said with a huge fake smile on my face, turned away and walked out, leaving a bunch of dumbfounded barbies behind my back. Adios Bitchachos.

I heard a few o-oh's as I was walking through the parking lot but mostly I noticed the stares of the boys. Have you seen the scene in the movie Easy A when Emma Stone walked down the hall in her super-sexy outfit while all guys were checking her out? Yeah, that is pretty much how I felt at that moment. I reached the office and took out my raybans. The secetary must have heard my heels because she was staring at me trought her glasses with her small, green eyes.

" Can I help you?" she asked me curiously. 

" My name is Samantha Lively, I'm the new student," I explained myself and check out her outfit. She was wering bell-bottomed jeans, oversized red sweater and brown hideous shoes - if you even can call that shoes. Yuck.

" Oh I see," she nodded as soon as she realized who I was. She started running around trying to find something. I sighted and rolled my eyes. I don't have all day for this. 

" There you go," she smiled at me brethlessly and handed me a few of papers that included my schedule, locker number and another information.

" Thanks," I smiled back and walked out of the office. Some girl appeared right in front of my face with a huge, annoyng and relly fake smile all over her face.

" Hello there, my name is Christina and I'm part of the welcome comunity. I would like to show you around," she almost yelled at me wit her annoying girly voice.

" First of all get out of my face, and second of all, I think I can handle it myself, thanks," I said irratatedly and faked a smile and the end of my response. She pulled back in shock and she looked like I just punched her. I heard some girl laughing at Christina and she run off. 

" Nice one," the girl said to me as she was taking some books from her locker, still laughing. 

" Thanks," I replied. She shoot her locker and I could finally see who I was speaking to. She was actually very pretty with her blond, long hair and bright blue eyes. She earned a special points by the choice of her outfit - she was wearinng ripped jeans, white tank top, black lethern jacket and wedges.

" So you are the new girl who dared to take Valeria's parking spot ha?" she smiled at me with enthusiastic smile.

" Yeah, that would be me," I smiled back at her. 

" Awesome. I'm Candice, btw," she introduced herself cheerily. 

" Samantha," I replied little bit less cheerily. She probably didn't notice my hesitation, or she just didn't care.

" So what's your first class?" she asked and looked down at the papers I was holding in my hands curiously.

" Let me's biology with Mr. Danniels," I said as I was reading it. 

" We're in the same class!" she smiled at me and then we headed to the class. We were talking a lot, but I kept my distance. We got to the class and as soon as we walked through the door, everyone was staring at us. To be more accurate - everyone was staring at me. 

" You can sit with me if you want to," Candice smiled at me as she was taking books from her bag. I stood there for a minute consediring her offer, after all my plan was to keep my distance from people at this school. I really don't want any drama and I absolutely don't want to be considerd as the poor new girl who lost her parents. But I could really use someone to talk to and Candice seemed like a bareble person with brain so why not. 

" Sure," I smiled back and took the place next to her. The ring bell and Mr. Danniels got to class. I kind of felt bad for him, he was a proper dope - in the silly and cute way - with his glasses, tie and stuttering. All kids were making fun of him and laughintt g, especially this group of boys. 

" Male associates with the female and he constantly impregnates her..." Mr. Danniels was speaking about some disgusting worms which obviously made this group of 3 immuture boys burst into laugher. 

" He's got a stamina," one of them said and started laughing at his own really funny joke. Note the sarcasm. He was quite handsome with his blue eyes, messy hair and stylish clothes but that was about it, this boy probably has a brain big as a pea.  I rolled my eyes and looked away, but he probably saw me because he started whispering something to the 2 other boys and then they all turned to me.

" Louis is staring at you," Candice whispered in my ear .

" Which one is Louis?" I asked her with a quiet voice so nobody can hear me.

" He's the one with the messy hair," she explained," the blonde one is Niall and then there's Liam". I slowly inconspicuously turned my head to see them. They were now laughing at some picture in the biology book.

" Let me guess, Louis and Valerie rule the school together," I turned to Candice already knowing I'm right. Everybody knows that high school

 queen needs a king. A high school stupid biatch needs even more stupid moron to be exact.

" Yeah, happy couple," she said ironically.

" Well, I'm sure they deserve each other," I grinned. I was trying to concentrate on Mr. Danniels, but Louis and his friends were annoying me

with their giggling and whispering. I'm pretty sure that I heard them say my name like hundred times.

When I finally heard the bell I started packing my things and then walked over to Mr. Danniels because I needed his sign on one of the papers I got

at the office. He slowly turned his eyes on me, as I was walking towards him in my heels.

" I need your signature," I said when I got to him.

" Oh, um..yes ofcourse. Miss Lively right?" he started blushing and looking for a pen with his shaky hands. Like seriously?

"There you go," he handed me the paper and I didn't even bother to look at him. I just

mumbled thanks and walked away. I walked through the door and felt someone bump

into me so hard it made me fall. But that wasn't the worst thing. The person somehow managed to drop full strawberry

milkshake on me. I was lying there on the ground, feeling the sweet and sticky drink in my bra.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry," I heard the high-pitched voice saying. You have got to be shitting me. I lift my head to see the most annoying person

I could meet. Valerie aka the Queen Bee. She was smiling at me innocently until she saw my irritated expression, which made her smirk at me.

I was so pissed off, I couldn't even get up. I was just lying there, murdering her in my head and not noticing that probably the whole

school was watching. So much for "I really don't want any drama" thing.  When I finally got to my senses I got up facing Valerie eye to eye.

"That's ok. Valerie, right?" I faked a smile on my face. She was still giving me that self-centered smile.

"Yes, that's me. Funny how even strangers know my name," she commented cheerily, making her girl friends giggling.

"Yea, real funny. Now Valerie darling, I suggest you to bitch off and I'll do you the favor and consider not punching you," I said with a fake smile.

I clapped to myself in my mind as I was watching her face turn red and her eyes killing me. Where's your beautiful smile now bitch? I heard a few 

o-oh's behind my back. 

"Oh, you wouldn't dare," she stepped closer to me. I noticed she was really tall, I had my heels on and I was almost the same heigh as her.

" Try me," I said confidently, finally making her speechless. She was staring at me incredulously and angrily.

"Come on girls," she nodded to her frineds and then they all turned around and took off. Suddenly, someone behind me broke the silence and 

started laughing and then all the rest of the people started whispering, laughing and o-ohing. I grabbed my purse and turned around to go get out

of here and I found out that the group of people who started the laugh was Louis and his friends. I walked past them, making them shut their

faces and then I headed to the ladie's room. 

As I was trying to get the sweet stickiness out of myself I heard someone opening the door. I turned around to see Candice, almost running

towards me.

"I was looking for you everywhere. How are you?" she smiled at me pityingly. 

"I'm delicious," I answered with a fake cheerily tone.

"Yea stupid question sorry," she chuckled, "well if it makes you feel any better, you were absolute badass to say that to Valerie," she smiled at 


"Thanks," I smiled back at her, not faking anything this time. I was still pissed off, but I have to say that it felt good to be known as a badass.

Bad reputation is better then "she lost her parents poor little girl" reputation. And after all, I was the one who told myself not to give two shits

about what people think about me right? So I guess my plan is working. 

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