This Is My Life

This is a diary of lots of different ideas that happen to people in life. It is sometimes inspired the smallest bit by my experiences and also what happens in my friends and family's lives. However usually it is ideas of mine that I have imagined and exaggerated lots !!!


1. Saturday - It's Snowing !!

I can't believe it's snowing, i'm so happy. I have been looking out of my bedroom window everyday and night just waiting to see the first snowflake fall onto the ledge; feel it falling gently on to my head weaving it's way through my hair and making it's beautiful patterns on my cardigan.

I raced to get my coat and boots and shot outside. When I opened the front door it was like a dream, each house was covered with a thick layer of snow but no matter how thick it got it always seemed to have a delicate way about it. The way it fell just looked magical. As the sole of my boot touched the snow, I heard the crunch beneath my feet which sent a chill down my spine. I picked up some snow with my bare fingers, it was very cold but in a way nice to feel.

Suddenly, something hard hit me on the back of my head and then again. I shook the snow from down the back of my jumper and turned round, I saw four of my friends lined up in a row with a boy who I didn't recognise. He had dark hair that covered his eyes and very pale skin. His neck had a very bright scarf wrapped tightly around it and he was wearing a dark green coat buttoned up all the way to his chin.When he came over to me he seemed quite tall and spoke in a chilled out voice,

 "Hey i'm Danny, my family have just moved into number 83."

That was next door to me!

"What's your name then?" he asked.

I stammered for a bit not knowing what to say, all of his confidence made me a bit apprehensive, but Lucy stepped in for me.

"Her name is Amethyst, but everyone calls her Amy" She exclaimed

I tried to ask him a question but all I managed to mutter was "hey". Luckily he didn't seem to mind and he thought that my name was pretty which no-one has ever really said to me.

We were just finishing our massive snow ball fight - me, Lucy and Chloe vs Ryan, Zak and new guy Danny - when my mum called me in because it was snowing very hard, Lucy and I went in and had one of mum's special hot chocolates with whipped cream, marshmallows and fudge sticks. She only made these when it was really cold so that we appreciate it more, the melted marshmallows and fudge sticks made it taste absolutely delicious.

Later on, when it got darker, I glanced out of the window and saw the snow still falling gently into the garden. Everything just seemed so peaceful and I couldn't wait to do it all again tomorrow.

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