Heart Attack!

One day Celia Rose bumps into a familiar person she has been waiting to meet over the last year......Read on to find out..


7. The truth

Niall's P.O.V

Beep* Beep* Beep*

I get up from bed and look at my alarm clock. It was 11. I got up and got ready really fast then I noticed Celia wasn't in bed. Where did she go?

I walke down stairs and smelt food. I bet Liam is cooking again. I look into the kitchen and see Celia in my shirt and cooking breakfast. I walk up behind her and kiss her neck. "Morning beautiful" "Morning lazy butt." I pinch her butt and she squeals. "That is not cool." She pinches my thigh. "Hey" I say. "I'm not trying to touch there," She giggles and continues.

When she finishes she bends down in one of the cabnets and grabs two pans. "What are you doing with those?" "Watch" She walks out and goes up the stairs. She stops in the middle of the hall and hold up the pans in the air. I lean against the wall watching her. "You might want to cover you ears for this." I did and she raises the pans again and bangs them together. I laugh and she keeps going and yells "FIRE"  The boys run out of the rooms and run downstairs to outside where it was cold and they were only in thier boxers, which for Harry was in a blanket covering his waist area. I fall to the ground and laugh. "We should lock them out." I say. "That would be fun." She skips downt he stairs and closes the door and locks it. "Let's eat." She says. She walks into the kitchen and pulls out two plates till there was knocking on the door. "THIS IS NOT FUNNY CELIA. IT"S FUCKIN COLD." "WHAT WAS THAT? WHO TOLD?" "IT"S COLD" Celia laughs and eats a piece of bacon. Just then the back door opens and runs in four boys who were freezing. "How did that happen?" she says. "You forgot about the back door." Zayn states. "Oh" She runs upstairs and slams the door close and all you hear is laughing. "That was fast." Liam says. "That was fast." I repeated.

After the boys got dressed and Celia came back down we all sat on the couch and relaxed with Avengers. It was nice and I wantd to take Celia to go get coffee and hang out for lunch. I also wanted to tell her if she wanted to come with me to Ireland to visit my mum. I told her alot about Celia in the past couple of days and me and Celia have gotten closer pretty quickly and it's Valentine's day so I wanted to make something special for her.

"Celia do you want to go to lunch?" "We just ate though." "I know but I want to talk about something," She gets up and smiles. "Well, I'll be down in a few. I am just going to get in warmer clothes." I nod and she walks upstairs. A few minutes later she comes back down in her Uggs, skinny jeans, a scarf, beanie, and a sweater, "Are you ready?" I ask. "I am ready." I grab her hand and walk out the door. We get in the car and drive off to the nearest starbucks. 

When we get there, Celia smiles. "You are in a happy mood now." "What are you talking about? I miss starbucks. Even if I just went three days ago. Going here is like heaven like how you said about food. This is my happy place." "Okay." She giggles and I went down to hug her and her phone rang. "Got damit." She says and pull out her phone. "Who is it babe?" "My mom." "You mom." "Should I answer it?" "I don't know." She answers it anyways."

Marie- I know where you're at Celia.


M- It is me. I know your with Niall. and I am out to get him to be mine. And count on it. I will take you away from him. 

C- I'm not scared of you Marie. 

M- You should be. because I'm right behind you. 

Celia drops her phone and looks behind me. I follow her gaze and there was her evil cousin she talks about. Marie charges to Celia and tackles her to the ground. "AGGGG" 

Celia's P.O.V

Marie tackled me to the ground. "AGGGG" "I got you now bitch," She yells. I push her off me and get on top of her pinning her down. "Get off me you whore." "Why should I when you take everything away from me. I never did such thing to hurt you. I tried to be nice but all I get is disrespect from my own cousin. Tell me what I did to you." I spat. "You make everything look so easy Celia. I wanted to be the best cousin ever, but look. You get lucky every fucking time." "What do you mean by that?" "I loved you so much and I never meant to be a bitch but look. You got a famous boyfriend. Ethan is a jerk to me. The reason why I am like this because you are more spoiled than me. You've always been the nice one and since I've been a snitch I've been making your life miserable." I get off her and get up. "I'm sorry, I am just so jealous of you. You've got the most wonderful person in your life. Niall is the most wonderful. I have nothing." She starts to cry. "Marie, I never meant to be like that but I never knew you were jealous of me." "I always been like that," She cries even harder. "I know I loved you but I hid it. I wanted what you have and I got it by hurting you. I never meant it. I just want some one to love me like someone loves you." Just then an idea popped up. "Why don't you meet my ex Harry?" "Harry Styles." "He's nice and he is very gentle, don't hurt him in anyway." "I promise." She hugs me. "And if I am ever like that to you again just shoot me." "Oh that won't be necessary." I laugh. "Are we going to get our coffee?" Niall asks. I walk up to him and kiss him. "I want a coffee." I say. "Okay" 

We walk out of the Starbucks and walk back to the car. This time with the new Marie. Marie, Niall, and I arrive back to the house. "Celia can we talk real quick." Niall asks. "Sure we can." He leads me to my room. "What's going on?" I ask. "I want you to meet my mum." "Your mum. You mean Maura." "Yes." I jump up and down. "I would love to meet them Niall."I say. He kisses me and I kiss back. When we pull away he smiles, "Take this as an late Valentine's day trip." "Okay." I kiss his cheek. "I love you Niall." "I love you too." Just then Harry runs in with Marie laughing on his shoulder. "I just asked her out Celia." "YAY." Marie laughs harder. "Why is she laughing?" I ask. "Zayn, Liam, and Louis got into a little argument about Pokemon." "OMG" After a moment of silence my cousin Hazel walks in. "MARIE?" "HAZEL?" Marie gets off Harry and they hug it out. Just to tell you this Marie is Hazel's younger sister. "I misses you." "I missed you too." They pull away. "Well me and Joseph will be out for a while for groceries. And take good care of Marcus. I don't want him hearing anything he already knows about." I blush a little and giggle. "See you later." "Bye." Marcus shows up after Hazel leaves. "You are so lucky you get to have your lovers with you. I can't even have my own girlfriend here." "Call her up. I think she might like up." "I guess so." He walks out. "Tonight will be fun." "I hope it will." I giggle and kissed Niall's cheek. He smiles. I love this boy. 

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