Heart Attack!

One day Celia Rose bumps into a familiar person she has been waiting to meet over the last year......Read on to find out..


3. Packing Up!

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up again to Celia talking on the phone with someone on the phone. I decided to ignore it, but three words caught my attention.

-C- I love you too

She hangs up and looks down at me. "Goodmorning sleepy head." "Who were you talking to?" I ask concerned. I wanted to know if that was her dad, or if she was cheating on me with some guy. "I was talkng to my boss Kiana. I was calling to let her know I was quiting and she told me I have to pick up my check before we leave tomorrow." "Oh, Thank gosh." "What's wrong? You thought I was cheating on you or something. No way Jose, I am not that kind of girl who just cheats, That is messed up." She states. "Okay." She laughs and gets off the bed. "I am going to shower, and no you cannot shower with me." She says and prances to the shower. I chuckle a little and sit up. I am so lucky I found this girl. She is everything and has so many personalities. I love it when she states something. It's so funny.

What should I do now? I am so bored and Celia is still showering. How long does it take a girl to shower? It only takes me like five minutes, she has been in there for 10. I guess I will just do a goodmorning twitcam.

Celia's P.O.V

I walk out of the shower and dry my hair, comb it with my fingers, and I put on Niall's shirt from last night. I slipped on my panties and walked out of the bathroom, to find Niall on the computer. "Whatcha doin!" I say like Isabella from Phineas and Ferb. Oh, god. I love that show. "I'm doing a twit cam." "I wanna join." "Okay." I crawl on the bed and sit down next to him. He looks at the screen and presses a button.
"Hey guys. I just wanted to say Goodmorning, and to tell you some news. I dont want any of you to hurt her feelings and if you do I will be upset and I wont be able to sing again." He looks at me and kisses my cheek. "This is my girlfriends Celia Hope." "Hey girlies, I hope you like me because I'm going to be around for a while." I see a bunch of tweets show up.

@OneDirectionForever said: You two are so cute. I am so jealous of you Celia, and what is you twitter account. I want to follow you.

I replied.

It's @CeceHopeforyou.

She replied back.

@OneDirectionForever said: Thanks and dont worry, if you get hate messages I will for sure back you up.

There was another one

@Wefightforyou said: That is so adorable. Just seeing you two on the screen so happy. At first I was mad because I thought it was going to be another wierd girl but it is just like I expected, Celia is just like El and Perrie. so nice and funny. I hope you two last.

I smiled at that one.

There a a few more nice ones but Niall had to end it. "Well I will see you guys later and thanks for all the nice tweets. I appreciate it. Bye." "Bye Girlies." I say. I look at Niall and see him smile. "What do you want to do?" He asks. "Let's go out to eat then we can go pick up my check from my work." He nods.


We finished eating at Burger King and walked out as a normal couple. Only a few fans came for autographs and they wanted mine to. I dont like using up famous peoples attention but I will try to approve.

Niall and I walk into my work and I was greeted with a small party. I squealed. "What a way to surprise you and..................." She looks to my right and stares at Niall. "You are dating thee Niall Horan." She was about to scream but I covered her mouth. "Kiana, don't scream.. You know the boys dont like it when girls scream in their faces." "Sorry. I am just so happy that one of the 1D boys are here, In the studio." "I know, but dont tell anyone." "I won't." I look around and see all my co workers and some of the little kids I teach. They walk over to me and hand  me a big box. I set it down and noticed they were crying. I grouped them up into a huge hug. "Please, dont go Celia." "I have too, I have many problems going on. I will visit you and if I make enough money at a new job, I will fly all of you there." "You will." "I promise I will, and when I make a promise it stays a promise." They nod and walk away. I teared up a little bit and i couldn't hold it in. "I will miss all of you." "We know you will." Just then my friend Zoey walks up to me and engulfs me into one of her famous hugs. "I will miss you the most you know that." "I sure will." I hug her thight. "Well, I am glad you came." "I am too."


Niall and I left the party and walked out with gifts. I am so sad but I really want to get away from my family right now and maybe when the boys go to the KCA's in a few weeks, I will be able to visit my dad.

We get to the apartment and walk in on the boys packing up. "What are you doing?" "Packing and while you wee gone, I called your dad off your phone and asked him where you live. He told me and we found your aunt at the house. She let us in and we packed up all your belongings. It's already on its way to London." Liam says. "You did all that, I thought I took my phone." You must've took mine, I couldn't find it and I looked at the place where I left it and it was replaced my your phone. And I must say. You might want to change you password, Niall Horan isn't the hardest." Zayn says. "You guys are mean." I laugh.

After the boys finished packing we all sat on the couches and watched movies for the rest of the day. I feel happy again and to be around people who cared, I felt normal again. They felt like family, a new family. I am so happy.

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