Heart Attack!

One day Celia Rose bumps into a familiar person she has been waiting to meet over the last year......Read on to find out..


5. Meeting them and a secret

Celia's P.O.V

Niall and I walk up to the door just as Hazel walks up to it with the keys. "You two look so happy together and I can't wait for you to meet the family." She says. She unlocks the door and we instantly hear video game noises. "What is that?" I ask. "Joseph and Marcus are probably playing Halo or something." She laughs. We walk into the living room to find a grown man with a boy staring at the TV. "We have a memeber here." Hazel says. They look up. "Wow, Hazel, you never told me your cousin was HOT!" Marcus yells. "She has a boyfriend Marcus." He looks at Niall, who was smirking at Marcus and he kisses my cheek. "Oh, well that sucks." He turns back to the TV as the older man who was Joseph gets up and walks over to us. "Hello, my name is Joseph." "Celia" "Niall Horan sir." "Nice boy, Where are the others?" "They're just getting some coffee." Niall replies. "Okay" I giggle. Marcus turns back around and looks at Niall. "Hey Niall, when the others get here, do you want to play some soccer outside. We have a field." "I would like to do that. and no we will not put Celia in a sexy cheer outfit. That is for me to see and for you to never find out." "Thanks for ruining my dream." Marcus says sarcastically. Niall stays quiet. I kiss his cheek and he smiles. "You take anything to seriously. I am going to have to start calling you Drama Queen." "I am not dramatic. I care for you." "Mhhmm" "Don't make that sound. I don't like it." I just laugh and walk to the futon with Niall stll attached to me. "Niall, I am not a monkey and you are not my baby. So can you let go." "Nope"  I turn around and push him on the futon, he let's go and flips the futon. I start to laugh again. "That was not nice." He says. "You wouldn't let go." He smirks. "You know that is a turn on for me babe." He says. "I hope it was, but I am not going to do it with you." "Damn." Marcus turns around and looks at us. "You two are a weird couple." "What ever?" I say. Niall get's up and flips the futon back to its right position and sits down. I sit down next to him and kiss his cheek. "Where are the boys?" I ask. "I don't know. They should've been here right now." He says as he looks down at his phone.

Liam's P.O.V

"Why does this have to happen now?" I say panting. "We have to run faster." Louis says. "Call Niall and Celia. They might be able to help." Zayn suggests. "I am getting tired guys." Harry yells. We run into a store and close the doors shut, blocking it with our bodies. Just then a lady looks at us. "Do you boys need help?" "Yes, do you mind locking the door." "Sure" She walks over and gets the key and locks the door. The boys and I fall to the ground out of air. "That was not fun." Zayn says. "Niall is lucky he is with his girl." Louis says. "I know, We have to get out of here," the lady starts talking. "Do you boys need desguises?" "We do." "Come this way." We follow her to the bck room. "Sit down." She says. "Jolly, Crista." She calls. two other women who seemed to be younger walk in. "We need to make these boys undesguisable." They nod. They walk into another room and come back with wigs, accessories and clothes.


The girls finish with our disguises and we walk out the back door. "Thank you." "Welcome and you can come back anytime." "We will" I say.

We walk to the the open alley way that leads to the street. "Are you ready for this?" "yes" Harry says. We walk out and nobody looked at us. We acted like normal people. We finally make it to the car and get in. "Niall is going to be asking where we were." Louis says. "It's going to be fine and dont take anything off till we get in the house." I demand. They nod.

I drive up to Celia's house and we file out. We walk up to the door and knock. "I'LL GET IT MOM." I think that was Niall. But it turned out to be someone else. "Who are you?" He asks tilting his head to the side. "I'm Liam Payne." "Oh, Niall you buddies are here." "FINALLY" Niall yells back. He shows up at the door with Celia. "What the hell happened to you?" He asks. "We had a little trouble okay." Harry says with anger in his voice. What is wrong with him? "We got chased by fans and we ran into a diguise store." "That explains it," Celia says. "I know."

Celia's P.O.V

Something was wrong with Harry. Why was he acting like that?

The boys and I were in the living room playing video games with Marcus, with the absence of Harry. Where did he go? "Niall, I'm going to check up on Haz." "Okay, be careful." He kisses my cheek and goes back to the game.

I walk up the stairs and hear crying. It wasn't any crying, it was Harry crying. "Harry, where are you?" "Go away Celia." "Hazzie." I plead. I follow the sobs and it leads to my room. I open the door and see him looking at a picture. "Hazzie what are you doing?" "Don't you remeber us? How we used to love each other?" "Harry that was a long time ago." "It wasn't for me Celia. I missed you. I kept it hidden. I didn't even know that girl Niall was talking about at the starbucks was you." "I didn't knoe Hazzie." "Don't call me that. I loved you." "You were the one that broke up with me. I was devistated Harry. You don't even know how hurt I was." I cry. Tears feel out of my eyes like a waterfall. "I never did anything to you." "I am so stupid for breaking up with you." "That was in 8th grade Hazzie. It was the past." He puts the picture down and walks up to me. "I'm sorry for breaking your heart." "It's to late now Harry. I'm already taken." "I know." He leans in to kiss. me. "Harry no. Don't kiss me. I am with Niall. I love Niall. I loved you but that is gone. You arent going to make things better if you do. Niall will find out and my heart will be broken again. I don't want that to happen for the third time." "What do you mean third time?" "I dated a guy named Ethan. He loved me so much but we had to break up becasue I wasn't aloud to date anyone after me and you broke up. My cousin. You know the crazy one, she took him and they are going out now. I felt like I was having a heart attcack for the second time. And if If I lost Niall, I might have a heart attack." "I'm sorry." "Don't be." I walk out of my room leaving Harry behond. I remembered what he was holding now. It was a picture of us when we went out, when I lived in London with my mom.

I went into the hall way and saw Niall. "You heard." "Every bit. Did you really date him?" "Yes" He walks up to me. "I liked it when you said dont kiss me. I would have been mad but I would never break your heart like they did." He says. I look up and lock eyes with the blue-eyed Irish boy. "I love you." "I love you too." I knew this boy will be there for me. Even if I had a secret.

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