Heart Attack!

One day Celia Rose bumps into a familiar person she has been waiting to meet over the last year......Read on to find out..


2. Meeting the boys and a morning wake up call

Niall's P.O.V

Celia and I walk into the Hotel. We walk to the lift and I press the button to go up to level 5. I lead Celia to the room as I take out the key from my wallet. I get to the door and swipe the card in the slot and the door unlocks. I open it and say, "Ladies first." "Are you sure? There might be monsters." She said in a little kid voice. "I am posative there are no monsters." I answer. "Are you posative?" "I am definatly posative." She steps into the door way as I follow her in. I close the door behind us and flip the switch to the lights. As the light flick on Celia drops her bag and stood there like she hasn't seen a hotel room this big. "Do you like it?" "It is HUGE." I wrap my arms around her. "I knew you would say that." I say as she covers her mouth and giggles. "Are you telepathic now?" "I don't know what that means but I can tell by the way you dropped you purse and stood there like a weirdo." She snaps her head at me. "I am not weird, I just haven't seen a hotel room this big." "Right, well do you want something to eat?" I say letting go of her and walking into the kitchen area. She follows me. "Do you always eat?" "I get hungry most of the time." I answer. "Are you on like your.....period?" She smiles. "I'm kidding. I was just messing around. Do you like eating?" "I love eating. It's like your in heaven." I said as she walks closer. I open the fridge and take out some ham, bread, lettece, tomato, and cheese. She leans over the door looking at me as I take the food items out. "Do you have mayo?" She asks. "No, Harry doesn't like it, so he threw it out." "Well, that ruins it." She jokes. "I know right." I set the food on the counter and grab two plates. I get a knife to cut the tomato, lettece, and cheese,, but Celia beats me to it. I put the knife down and stood there watching her like a stalker as she cuts into the fragile tomato. Her hand movments slow and her eyes concentrated on the knife. She sets the knife down and puts the tomato slices on one of the plates.  I smile as she turns around holding the tray and jumps at my apperence. She holds her chest and plate as she says, "Don't scare me like that?" I take the tray from her and kiss her forehead. "I'm sorry." I say. "It's okay, just be careful. I thought you were a monster." "What is it with you and monters?" "I don't know. It's just a word I compare things to. I feel dumb saying it. It is not cute." She states. "It isn't, but I think you are." She giggles at my compliment. "Thank you." She squeaks at the 'U'. "Why did you squeak?" I turn around and see that Louis poked her side. She turns around and sees him and looks back at me. "He poked me." She pouts. "I did not. It was a slight nudge." "A slight nudge. I can now see the jokester you are." Celia says as she walks over to the place she was at before when she was cutting the tomato and goes on to the lettece. That's when the others showed up in the kitchen laughing and stopped when they spotted Celia at the counter, back facing them. I walk over to her and helped her cut the rest, to let the boys know she is mine.

"Is that her?" Harry asks yelling. Celia turns around and laughs. "This is Celia Hope. She is my girlfriend." "She is HOT!" Harry says. My head snaps at him, giving him a glare. "She is mine." I grab hold of Celia's waist and pull her in. "If both of you stop, and I won't do it." She holds up the knife to her wrist. "Don't do that." I plead. "I am not that stupid. I would never cut myself," She puts it down. "And besides, if I did do it. I would do it for a good cause. not for something like a fight." "Really?" Zayn asks. "Yes, but like I said. I would NEVER cut myself unless it is a emergency, like lets say if we go camping or the woods and a tick gets on me and digs in my skin. I have to do it, whether I die or not." All the guys make disgusted faces, including me. "I was expecting that kind of reaction." She laughs. "I don't think I'm hungry anymore." "What?"Celia and the guys say in unsion. "I'm just kidding. I would never turn down food." I chuckle and walk over to the sink to wash the knife Celia was using. Celia walks over to me, wrapping her small arms around my waist. "You have to take me on a date." "I do, don't I. Do not worry, I will take you on many dates when you date the Irish cutie." She giggles. "Okay." She stands up on her tip-toes and kisses my cheek. I turn my head to the side and look down. "I like short girls too." "Okay." She says carrying out the 'Y'.

We make our sandwiches and go to the table to eat.


Celia's P.O.V

Niall and I just finished eating when my phone rings. I pick up and answer.

-C- Hello

-Mom- It's your mom. Where are you?  -M- She's with that Horan kid from One Direction.

Marie yells in the background.

-C- I'm at a hotel.

-Mom- Why are you at a hotel?

-C- I'm staying here. I don't want to go home to a mom who doesn't believe me.

-Mom- Hun, I do believe you. It's just that I care about you and I want you to make the right decisions.

-C- Umhmmm

-Mom- I want you home tomorrow.

-C- Oh I'll be there but only to pack up my things.

-Mom- I don't think so.

-C- Bye!

I hang up. I look up at Niall and see him staring at me with a worried look.

"Was that your mum? Do you have to go home?" He says holding me tighter. "Yes and no. I am not going home. I am going to pack up my things and move to my cousin Hazel is London." "You never told me you were going to London." "I must've forgot because you asked if i could go on tour with you." "Well, tomorrow, the boys and I are going with you to help you pack up. We leave on Friday for a week of break. and it's going to be Thursday tomorrow. So you have time to visit your cousin before we leave on tour.. How old is she any ways?" "She's actually my great cousin, but she is my favorite. She is 20." "What about you dad?" "He lives in California. He and my mum divorced when I was 3." "That is awful." "I know, but I got over it. And I usually save up to visit him. My mom never lets me do it becasue she told me my father left because he didn't want me. She lied to me. Now I have a step father name Bob. I call him boob." "BOOB" "It's funny when you say it." He laughs and I join him. "Can you two stop laughing? We are trying to watch a movie." Louis said as he turns up the volume. "Shush." Niall whispers. "I'm tired Niall, can we go to be?" "Yea," He picks me up and carries me to his room. Niall lays me down on the bed and tucks me in. "I'm not a baby." "I know that, but you are my baby." He kisses my forehead. "Niall, I don't want to fall asleep in my clothes." "I almost forgot." He goes to his dresser and pulls out a white shirt. "Here." I get off the bed and grab the shirt. I start taking off my clothes when he coughs. "I forgot you were there." I giggle. "I don't mind. I like it." I grab a pillow off his bed and throw it at him. "Damn, you got a good throw." "I played softball, luckily you never seen me kick. I played soccer too." "I want to play a game against you one day." "I will like to do that."

I finished dressing and climbed back into bed. I lay my head on the pillow and look up to see Niall taking off his shirt. He sees me and I hide my face in the pillow. "You like what you see." He says, waving his shirt in the air. "I do, and it's making me blush." "I can tell." Just then I felt a warm presence next to me and I look up from the pillow and see that it was Niall. "Come closer." He whispers. I scoot closer to him and he wraps his arm around me. He kisses my forehead as I lay my head on his chest. I look up when he looks down and giggle. "Why are you laughing?" "I don't know." He shakes his head and lays it back on the pillow. "I love you Celia." "I love you too Niall." I scoot up and kiss his cheek, "Goodnight." "Goodnight babe." With that, I fall asleep.



What the hell? I sit up in bed and looked around the room, not recongnizing anything. Then I realized I was in Niall's room. damn, any girl would be wanting to sleep with Niall and I was one of them. I lay down and streaching my arms out, bumping into a bare body. I look and see that it was Niall still asleep. I look down at his chest and it was rising slowly. I giggled when ever he snored. I comb my fingers through his hair and kiss his lips. I pull away when I felt him laugh. "Goodmorning to you too." He says in a grogy yet still Irish morning voice. "Have a good night sleep." He asks. "I did." "Are you going to kiss me every morning?" "I might do that." "I can't wait." He says. "Why don't you sleep a little more? I am going to shower." "Okay" He falls asleep. I get off the bed and grab my clothes from yesterday. I need to call my boss and say that I am quiting. I grab my phone off the dresser and dial my bosses number.

-K- Hello

-C- Hey Kiana it's Celia. I am quiting.

-K- What? Why?

-C- I am moving to London with my cousin.

-K- You are my best worker here at the studio.

-C- I know but it's family.

-K- Well okay. Just come and pick up your check so I can give you a goodbye hug.

-C- Okay, Bye Kiana

-K- Bye I love you

-C- I love you too

I hang up. Kiana is like a sister to me. but we arent related in any way. She treats me like family and when I am at the studio, she lets me sing, dance, and do anything. I work there as a janitor or dance teacher for little kids. I do hip-hop and pop so it's fun. I am always safe there when she is with me.


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