Heart Attack!

One day Celia Rose bumps into a familiar person she has been waiting to meet over the last year......Read on to find out..


4. Goodbye NYC and Hello London.


Celia P.O.V

I never had any good memories but I sure had some fun ones of me and my mom. I will always know she loves me but it is hard to realize she does. I remember the days we used to go to the shore in the summer and just shop on the board walk. I guess I forget that she does have a good side of her and it's hard to belive because she lied to me so much. I don't know why. It's just a feeling.

The boys and I are leaving today and my cousin called to say that my stuff arrived this morning and she has her husband Joseph and 17year old step son Marcus helping set up my room. I hope that she doesn't let Marcus touch my clothes. I know how teenage boys get.

I was in the room packing up my things and was set to leave. I walk into the living room and saw the boys waiting on the couch. Niall turns around and smiles. "Are you ready babe?" "I am ready." I reply. He walks over to me and hugs me. "I'm so happy you are coming with us." "I know but I live with my cousin now. But I will be able to see you." He kisses me and hugs me tighter. "You know I love you, right." "I do know you love me." I giggle and peck him on the lips. "Are you two done? We have a plane at 5 and it's 4." Liam says. "We are Liam. Don't be a sour pus." He shook his head and laugh. "I'm not, I just don't want to miss the plane. Everyone got there stuff." We all nod. "Good, now lets go." I laugh at Liam's demanding and we walk out the door.


The boys and I arrive at the airport and were waiting in a special room. When our plane got called, a security guard came and took us to the gate. We walked through and I saw a plane that had the 1D logo on it. I laughed as I made the steps. "Is this your private jet?" I ask Niall, who was behind me, looking at my butt. "What?' He looks up. "Is this your private jet?" "Yea, it is." I tap the top of his head. "What?" "Stop looking at my butt." "Why? It's so cute." I look back up and trip over one of the steps, which causes all the boys to fall on each other. They all start to laugh. "I am such a clutz." "It's fine. This happens all the time." Louis says. "Okay..." We made it on the plane and sat down in our seats. A flight attendant walks to the front and says it is almost time for take-off. Niall looks down at me. "Are you scared?" "No, not at all." I say sarcastically. I was always scared of being on planes and it was always a fear. I am scared of hights and it was horrible. "I know you are." He grabs my hand and holds is to his heart. "I will always protect you." He kisses it and smiles. I smile back. I felt safe with him and he said he will protect me. I look up at him and kissed his cheek. He chuckled and kissed me on the lips. "I will feel safe with you." I say. he nods and looks at the others. I looked at all of them and smiled. Then I looked at Harry. He had a weird look on his face. Why was he making that face? I ignored it and Niall started talking about his family. I listened to him and fell asleep on his lap.

Harry's P.O.V

There are many times I get the girl and many times I don't. But this one girl has something special in her heart and I want to have it too. I know it's Niall's girl and he never had a common relationship with one because I usually get the girls. He said he didn't have time for a girlfriend and why does he have one now? I shouldn't be in the way and I can tell this girl is special to Niall and has that type of resemblance to him. They are equal and the same. I don't like that and I want the feeling he has. LOVE. I don't want to hurt him. He is my mate, and I have to tell him. Is it her or your mates? I can tell the other 3 are happy for Niall because he found someone who loved him back and will always be there. He protects her like she is his own. I want that. I've had many relationships with girls but I want one like Celia. If I take her away from Niall she wouldn't feel the same. I guess I have to wait for a girl, but if I don't. I would want her. I wish she was mine again.

Niall's P.O.V

Celia had fallen asleep on my lap after I told her about my mum, dad, and brother. It was funny because she fell asleepp on my lap. The plane was in the air and I set Celia down on the seat. I walked over to the table the boys were at and sat down next to Zayn. "What are you doing?" I ask. "I'm just on twitter right now. How is Celia doing?" "She's doing okay,just asleep." He looks at her. "She is a cute sleeper." "She is. And it's funny. She snores in her sleep." "She does?" "Yup, but it's not one of those loud ones, it's like a soft, like a kitten purring." He laughs. "You would know Niall." "What? Am I not supposed to know my girlfriend?" I ask. "I was just saying. Niall, she is a lucky girl to have you. You need to take care of her. I see something special between you two. I know it because I feel the same way with Perrie." I nod. "And don't let anyone or anything get between your love." "Thanks Zayn." "Oh, and we are almost landing. So get ready." "Okay" I walk back over to my seat. I grabbed a blanket from the luggage compartment and laid it over Celia and I. I kiss her forehead and she giggled. "Are you awake?" I chuckle then smile when she opens up her eyes showing that beautiful shade of green.

Celia's P.O.V

I felt someone kiss my forehead and it tickled. Then I heard Niall's voice, "Are you awake?" He chuckles. I open up my eyes and see him smiling. "Hey there." "Well, did you have a good sleep," I stretch. "I did. It felt wonderful, and it felt like hours but I think it was like 10 minutes." "It was ten minutes." "Wow. What time are we landing?" "In an hour or two." "I'm going ot use the toilet." I get up and slide across him. "I know you like it." I say in a seducive voice. "I do like it." I pat his head and walk to the restroom.

I walk back after finishing my business and washing my hands. I sit back down and look at Niall who was falling asleep. I decided to wait a few minutes and play a trick on the boys. Which is kinda hard because Zayn is awake still. I get on my knees and kiss his cheek, I get up again and walk over to Zayn. "Hey, do you want to play a prank on the boys?" "Yea. What's the plan?" "We are going to draw on thier faces." He 'oo's''.

Zayn and I wait an hour and Niall was asleep. I grabbed a marker from my carry on and went up to Niall. I drew carefully, not to wake him up. I finished my work and looked at it. I had drawn a smiley face on his cheek, my name on his neck, i drew a heart on his forehead, and a unicorn on his chin. I also drew the pepsi logo on his other cheek. After looking at Niall's face, I walked up to Harry. I looked over at Zayn and he was putting the finishing touches on Liam, He connected his eyebrows and drew big lips over his real ones. I laughed quietly and continued with Harry. I drew I'ma beast on his arm, a cat on his forehead, some weird bubble shape on his chin and a big circle around his face. I looked at him and giggled. I walked over to Zayn who was finishing Louis and I laughed at it because he had put BUNNY WABBIT all over his face. "That is better than mine." "I was hoping it was." I playfully punched his arm and walked over to my seat. The flight attendant looked at Zayn and I, then at the boys and laughed. "We will be *haha* landing shortly." She leaft and it woke up the four sleepy boys. "Are we there yet?" Louis asks. "We have a few minutes." Zayn replied, trying to hold in his laugh. "Why are you laughing?" Liam asks. "Oh nothing." I say. I couldn't hold it in, so I started laughing, which caused me to fall on my butt. "Why are you laughing Celia?" I just kept laughing. "What is wrong with you?" Harry yells. Zayn starts laughing and pointed at the mirror. They run to it and looked, then turned around to face us again. "Did you do this?" Niall asks me. "I might have." I say getting up. I walk over to them and smiled. "It was my idea so I might have did that." "Why did you draw on out face?" "I don't know. And just to warn you. The next time you fall asleep, make sure you hide all the markers from me. I do that alot. Or just don't fall asleep at all." I skipped away from them and sat back in my seat just as the flight attendant came back. "We will be land in 5 minutes. Please be seated and have your seatbelts buckled. Thank you." She left again and the boys did what they were told. I grabed my phone and took a picture of Niall's face when he looked at me. "AHH" "It's going on twitter." "Wait no" "To late." I pressed the tweet button and it was already on the post. After about 2 minutes, I had twenty favorites and retweets. I look at my profile and saw that I had 100,000 followers. I jumped in my seat and smiled. I look at Niall. "I love you" I say. "How can I say no?" He kisses me and sits back.


We land and were already at the gates. There were fans but not many like there was back in NYC. We walk to 3 cars and Niall led me to his. "Are you going to say hi to me?" I turn around and see Hazel. "HAZEL" I run to her and hug her like there was no tomorrow. "I missed you." She says. "I did too." She lets go and looks at me. "Are you two going to follow me?" "Yea, we'll follow you." "Okay" She walks to her car and gets in while Niall and I do the same.


About 30 minutes later we arrive to a huge house. I get out of the car and look at it. "Goodbye NYC, HELLO London." I say. Niall walks up to me and wraps his arms around my waist. "And hello to California." I smiled and remembered my dad. "Thank you Niall." "Why?" "You helped me with everything. I can see my dad after 18 years and I live in the most beautiful country ever." "Well, I am glad I made it possible." He kissed my cheek and we walk up to the door.

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