Heart Attack!

One day Celia Rose bumps into a familiar person she has been waiting to meet over the last year......Read on to find out..


1. Bumping into you

Celia's P.O.V

I was at my cousin's house who I disliked. Marie Ann Lee. She was awful and rude to me when my mum or her's wasn't around. I tried to tell her mum (my auntie) that she keeps doing awful things to me like calling me a b***h or making fun of my style. But she says Marie is the most lovable person ever. (If you only caught the bad side of her). She also makes fun of my likings for 1D. I mean who doesn't like them. Obviously she doesn't. I mean does she really have to hurt me when it's almost Valentine's day. She does.


I started dating a guy named Ethan McClain last year in 2012 in the 12th grade. We dated for about 4 months to Janurary, but that's when things got worse. Marie found out that I was dating him and told my mum and pa. I got in huge trouble. I wasn't aloud to date anyone till my dad was in a coffin. (That's my dad telling me what to do when I am becoming an adult but he is in california. My mom and him divorced).  So we broke up and said we can try again later. After about 2 weeks later I see him holding hands with Marie. I got kind of upset and ran home. It was awful.

I was in my room for about two days after that not bothering going to school. My auntie came by (with Marie and Ethan) and they were in my room making out on my bed. She really has to ruin my life.


So I was sitting on the couch while my mum and auntie were in the kitchen making tea when Marie walks in. "Hey sissy pants." She says. "Shut up Marie." I spit. "I am going to tell your mum you told me to shut up." Did I tell you she is such a snitch. "Antie Paula. Celia is being mean to me." She yells towards the kitchen door. My mum walks through the door. "What's going on?" She asks looking in my direction, squinting her eyes trying to burn my soul. "Celia told me to shut up and she called me th B word." She pouts, trying to look all innocent. "I did NOT!!" I yell. "Marie go in the kitchen." Marie smiles and skips into the kitchen. And the other thing is. She always gets what she wants. "Celia. How many times do I have to tell you? Stop lying and stop being mean to her." "What are you FU**** kidding me? She lies all the freakin time." She squints her eyes again. "What did I say about that kind of language?" She shouts. "Oh I'm sorry. Do you want me to be a good girl for you?" I say sarcastically. "YES." She didnt get the sarcasim. "I am done here. I tried to be nice to her and she makes my life a living hell. I dont want to live with you or anyone else if they wont believe me." I say standing up and walking to the front door. "Celia get over here. I am not done talking to you." She says. "I am not listening to you anymore. I thought you loved me. I am you frekin daughter and you dont believe me." I grab my bag and open the door. "I hope I never see you ever." "Celia I am sorry." "Whatever." That was the last thing I said to her before walking out the door.

I was walking on main street and there was nothing to do but bump into people. I was alone in the world now, unless I go back home. (Which I am not). It was really cold and luckily I had a job and money so I could pay for a hotel room for a few days till I cool down. Then I realized it was New York. A place where all the hotels are expencive.

When it got to 5 o'clock so I walked to the nearest Starbucks. I walked in and ordered my latte and sat down at a empty table. I had my laptop so I turned it on. It was boring so I just went on to the J-14 magazine website to see the latest news on 1D. While I was on it I heard the door open and british and irish accent talking. I look up from my lap top and looked at the five boys and looked back at the screen. I looked at them again and realized it was One Direction. I didn't scream or cry. I just stayed my ground and went back onto reading on my laptop.

Niall's P.O.V

The boys and I walked into Starbucks to get some coffee. When I got to the counter to order my drink I noticed a girl on her computer. She was smiling at the screen. The boys seemed to catch on because Harry leaned in and said, "Look at that girl over there. She is cute." She was cute. Her long light brown hair that reaches her shoulders, her green eyes, her smile, and her nice slim body. What I liked most though is the sticker of our logo on her computer. I laughed at that. She looks up from her screen and looks right at me. I smiled and waved, she smiled back and bushed. then she went back on to her computer. I like this girl and I really want to meet her. I turned to the boys and said, "I'll be back." "Go get her Niall." Harry said. Of course he would say that just because I was the only guy in the band (besides Liam) that doesn't have a girlfriend. "We'll see you later." Zayn said before ordering his coffee.

I walked over to the girl and sat down next to her and looked at the screen. he didn't seem to notice me because she was on Twitter. "Hey there." I said getting her attention. "Hi" She said shyly. Wow. I am surprised she didnt scream in my face. "I',m Niall Horan. I suppose you know who I am." "You are the irish one from 1D. I know who you are." She answered. "I see. Since I said my name. What is your's?" She closes her laptop and turns to me. "Celia Esperanza or Hope." "Nice. I like how you have our logo on your computer." She looks down and back at me. "Yea. I'm a big fan of yours but as you see I am not that jumpy as other are when they see you." "And why's that." "Because I think it's stupid when girls scream in front of you. I think it's wierd and embarresing. But to you I seem you don't care because you love your fans so much ansd they are your dedication to your singing." Wow strong words and very helpful. "How old are you?" "I'm 18 and still in high school. Which sucks." "Why?" "Because I get bullied by my cousin who is the same age. She calls me so many names and today she told my mom I called her the B word. I did no such thing and my mom didnt believe me." She started crying and that's when I wrapped my arm around her waist pulling her in for a hug. "Tell me more." I asked. "Okay. And I told my mom she didnt love me because she always yells at me when i dont do such thing. She told me to stop doing bad things and saying those words to my cousin. I told her I didnt. I may have cussed and said a few things. And I started being sarcastic by saying, 'Do you want me to be a good girl for you?' and she didnt get it." She laughs at the last part. "And so I grabbed my back and headed to the door and she called my name to come back and I said 'I am not listening to you anymore. I thought you loved me. I am your freakin daughter and you dont believe me.' And she called my name again and I said whatever and left. So that's how I ended up here and there is NO way I am going back to that hell house." She looked down. "Do you want to stay at my hotel room. I can also ask if you can go on tour with us." She looks up shocked. "Oh no. I wouldn't do that and ruin your guy's tour." and I came out with the 3 words. "I like you." She blushed. "But we just met." She states. "I know but I like you alot." She blushes even redder. "Stop making me blush you irish cutie." She says. "So do you want to come on tour with us and go on a date with the IRISH CUTIE." "Sure and YES." I laughed as she giggled. "I love your small giggles." I point out. "Thanks" she taps my nose and puts her laptop back in her bag. I look at the boys who were watching the while time and they were laughing. I ignored them and grabbed Celia's hand. She looks down and back up where our eyes meet and smiles. "Let's go to the hotel and I will explain everything to the boys later." "Okay." And we pass the boys and walk out of Starbucks hand in hand and with our coffee.

Once we walked out we saw flashing lights and people talking and crowding us. How I hate tight spaces? "Niall can we leave please. I am not to good with crowds or tight spaces." She pleades. "Yea" I grab her waist and push her through until someone grabs my arm and turns me around. I was still holding onto Celia. It was a reporter or someone. "Who is this lovely lady Niall?" "My new girlfriend and her name is Celia." "Ewww" A group of fan girls say. I turn her around. "Niall" "Celia if people are going to mean like this to you I have to say it and do it." I say. "What do you mean?" "I want the world to love you and know that I love you the most." I lean into kiss her.

Celia's P.O.V

Niall turns me around with my back facing the reporters and I couldn't say anything but, "Niall" He speaks up. "Celia if people are going to be mean to like this to you I have to say it and do it." "What do you mean?" "I want the world to love you and that I love you the most." And that's when he leaned in to kiss me. When our lips meet it felt like sparks going through my body. He arms wrapped around my waist as mine around his neck. We pull away from each other and he smiles. "I know we just met but I wanted to feel that sensation I havent felt for a long time." he says. "I been waiting for you. I never had a guy fall for me in one day." "I am glad to be the one." He pecks my lips and pulls me through the crowd once again finally reaching what I supposed was his car. He opens in and leads me in. He climbs over to his seat and sit down while I follow and close the door. He turns on the car and faces me looking in my eyes with a new sensation I never felt with my other boyfriends. Is he the one for me? Did he kiss me to make me feel like I was ment for him. "Did you really kiss me?" "I did kiss you."

Niall's P.O.V

"I did kiss you." I can't believe I said that. I look over to her and see her cheeks all red. "You are making me blush Nialler." "I am gladly to." I lean over to her and kiss her cheek. She looks in the mirror. "Look what you did." She points at her cheeks. "They are like a cherry. And I can't wait to kiss them." She blushes even more. "I mean it." She says. "Okay" I start the car and drive off towards the hotel.



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