My Dream Guy (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Aurora Banks is the girl that nobody knows about... Literally. Her mother has her locked in a house in the middle of London. No internet, No magazines, No friends. All she has are old movies, and books. Then she somehow escapes the prison of a house and meets a certain member of One Direction. Will he let her mother take her away forever? Or will he fight for the girl he never knew existed? Only time will tell.


10. Meeting the Girlfriends

Aurora's POV

Ijust kinof stand there awkwardly after Liam storms off into his room. Why would he just run away? Am I fat? Ugh whatever. I sit on the couch and then say, "I'm hungry."

"To Nandos!" Niall yells emediatly.

"To What?" I ask

"nandoe, the best place to get food ever." Niall says as he turns to me.

"But I don't think that Aurora wants to go anywhere." Harry says, "She had a tough time at her house."

"Oh, what happened?" Zayn asks me.

"I don't really want to talk about it." I say quietly.

"How about we order some take out then?: Niall asks anybody who is listening to change the subject.

"Alright, how about chinese?" Harry asks.

"I love chinese." I say with a bright  smile.

"Alright, I'll go call, why don't You and the boys watch movies, and Louis, Liam, and Zayn can invite there girlfriends." Harry says to me. My heart drops. Liam has a girlfriend? Why didn't he mention her today? I suddenly feel a pain in my head. "Do you have any pain reliever?" I ask. 

"Yeah, here." Harry says as he goes into the bathroom and to the medicine chest. He finally finds a bottle markes "ADVIL" and hands me one of the little pills.

"Got a headache?" He asks me. I just nod in responce. "Well, I'm gonna go into the kitchen and use the phone to call the Chinese place. If you want to rest you can go in my room and take a nap." He says to me.

"Okay, Thank you Harry." I say with a small smile. He leads me to his room and I lie down on the bed and take a short nap.

_------------------------------------------------------skipping nap--------------------------------------------------------------_



"Hey, Aurora, wake up. The food is here and Niall is in the kitchen. You need to get in there before he eats it all." Zayn says to wake me up.

"Food?" I ask sleepily.

"Yes, Aurora, food. Get your lazy bum up." he says with a chuckle. I slowly stand up out of bed. Following Zayn Into the kitchen i see 3 beautiful girls.

"Hi..." I say awkwardly. I get a chorus of hello's back. The only blonde comes up to me and smiles warmly.

"You must be Aurora. You are so pretty! I'm Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend. This is Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend, and Danielle, Liam's girlfriend."

"Hi, it's lovely to meet you all. Sorry that i look so sloppy, I was just napping." I say shyly. I don't know why I'm so shy while meeting the girls, it's probably because danielle is Liam's girlfriend, and I like him. I make myself a plate and sit in the living room with everyone else. We eat our food and watch movies. I find myself leaning on Niall and he wraps his arm around me. "Erm, I'm going to change into  my pajamas." I say and I get up and walk into the bathroom. I change into this I walk back into the living area and see Liam And Danielle snogging. I feel sick to my stomach, but all I do is sit back down next to Niall and fall asleep. 

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