My Dream Guy (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Aurora Banks is the girl that nobody knows about... Literally. Her mother has her locked in a house in the middle of London. No internet, No magazines, No friends. All she has are old movies, and books. Then she somehow escapes the prison of a house and meets a certain member of One Direction. Will he let her mother take her away forever? Or will he fight for the girl he never knew existed? Only time will tell.


15. Liam's Thoughts on the Situation


She looks so peaceful in her sleep. Even with a tear streaked face she is beautiful. That day when Dani and i walked in on her and Niall snogging, I just didn't know what to do. I felt a part of me break. She is so innocent. I've been sitting here in Niall's room for about an hour, just holding her. I can't bear to put her down since she fell asleep in my arms. Niall and the rest of the lads went back to sleep earlier (Niall on the couch.) Soon I find myself drifting off to splended slumber full of wonderous dreams of my dream girl.






















So.... this chapter is really short.....  If you read this while listening to the song 'Replace Your Heart' by The Wanted you will get major feels.... can you guys please comment and tell me what you think? Also, I'm running out of ideas........ I NEED HELP GUYS! 

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