My Dream Guy (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Aurora Banks is the girl that nobody knows about... Literally. Her mother has her locked in a house in the middle of London. No internet, No magazines, No friends. All she has are old movies, and books. Then she somehow escapes the prison of a house and meets a certain member of One Direction. Will he let her mother take her away forever? Or will he fight for the girl he never knew existed? Only time will tell.


18. Author's Note

OH MY GOD i AM SO SORRY!!!!!! So basically, I forgot about this story because I don't really  go on here anymore because this site got blocked at my school. Anywho, I will be updating soon, I've just got to get my mindset on it and remember where I was going with this. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE READS!!!!




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