Boxes Of Chocolate

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1. Waking Up

"Morning, Sleeping Beauty." I hit my boyfriend over the head with a pillow and he groaned, rolling over until he was practically lying on my lap.

"Gerr off!" I giggled, when he began tickling me.

"Payback!" He said, nuzzling my neck.

I looped my arms around his neck and whispered in his ear:

"Happy Valentines Day."

"You too, babes." He kissed my neck and blew a raspberry on my collarbone, making me laugh.

"What d'you want for breakfast?" I said, pushing him back gently.

He smiled tenderly at me, making me smile too. His morning breath didn't bother me now as much as it used to, but his cold feet pressing against my boiling skin did.

"Stop that! They're freezin'!" I leapt beneath the covers and ticked his feet until he finally joined me and we lay like that, under the cream-coloured cotton, watching eachother with curious eyes. I'd seen him every day ever since we met, and yet I was still to find out more about him. Nobody can ever say "I am who I am, take me or leave me.", because nobody really truly knows who they are. There's always something new to discover about yourself every day.

"Your eyes are really pretty." I whispered, stroking his eyelid gently. It flickered open and I smiled.

"And everything about you is beautiful."

Then I watched with a smile as he flipped the duvet off the both of us and scooped me up, taking me into our en-suite bathroom.

"Stay." Zayn said. "Stay here, get a shower, and your breakfast will be waiting for you in the living room when you come down." And with that, he kissed me quickly and made a dash for the stairs. I picked up and towel and pressed my face in it to muffle the excited squeal that was building, jumping up and down on the cold bathroom floor.

This was going to be the best Valentines Day ever!

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