She's Not Afraid

When Niall finds a drug addict outside Wal-Mart, what complications will arise???


1. Switching Addictions

*Shelly's POV*

     I push the needle into my arm and sigh. I loved this feeling. I was doing this less often now, because I needed to quit. I guess it had been too long since I last did it though, because I felt all the blood rush to my head. I tried to keep my eyes on the luminescent Wal-Mart sign, but soon, everything went black.


*Niall's POV*

   This was stupid. The boys knew damn well I don't have a license, and they should count me out of the 'not it' game for who goes to Wal-Mart. The hotel room we're staying in is like 4 miles away. Ugh, 8 miles to and from. They are so getting their hands in warm water while they sleep.

    I put on some speed, because it's slowly getting dark. I hadn't even looked at the list they gave me. I hope they didn't put stupid stuff so people can say they saw Niall Horan in the baby isle, or getting prostate cream or something stupid like that.

    After I buy everything, prepared to ride the full wagon home, I see a girl. She is lying face down behind a trash can, with something in her arm. I go closer, then stop. Holy shit. I think to myself. It's a needle. Like, a drug needle.

  I pull out my cell and dial Liam's number. He'll know what to do. He is Daddy Direction, after all.

  While I'm waiting for Liam, I realize, I don't even know what I bought. Oh, well.

  Liam pulls up and hops out of the car, while Louis and Zayn get out of the back.

  "What's wrong?" Louis spoke first. I hadn't really explained on the phone, I just said "Help, come quick, Wal-Mart." I was panicking so I'm glad I even got those words out.

  I stood up. "I found this girl, and she has a needle in her arm." Zayn moves closer. "Like the kind for drugs?" He asks. I nod. "Well..." Liam starts. "We have to call the hospital."

  I quickly protest. "Couldn't we just take her to the hotel, and wait for her to wake up?" Liam thinks about this for a while. "Sure." Louis speaks up. "Shouldn't we take the needle out of her arm?" I shrug, and slowly kneel down to take the needle carefully out of her arm, and throw it in the bin next to her.

     I pick her up bridal-style and put her sitting up behind the driver's seat. On the way home, no one turns on the radio. "So how long was she there?" Liam asks me. "I don't know." I reply. "When I went in, she wasn't there, when I came out, she was there." He thinks for a minute. "How long were you in there?" I think for a second. "About 45 minutes." 

    Once we get home, I carry the girl in, and go to take a shower, while the others put the stuff away.

   I love showers. They make you feel all nice and clean, and it helps you make decisions, because it is the best place to think.

  Who was that girl? What's her name? Where did she come from? Why was she there? All these questions and more burned in my mind. I didn't worry though, because I would have them all answered once she woke up.



*Author's note* HELLO READERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my first movella, so I hope you all like it. I would like to give a shout-out to Star_Lover88. We have kikked and she is just the best. (BTW Please kik me at OneDirectioner0013 and just talk. Sometimes I'm bored.) Please request in the comments if you would like a story, or you can kik me. ANYTIME. I have no life. *sniffle*



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