She's Not Afraid

When Niall finds a drug addict outside Wal-Mart, what complications will arise???


2. Answering Questions

*Niall's POV*

  I finished washing up and put a towel around my hair. My door was closed and she was still asleep, so I ran out of the bathroom to my drawers. I slip on some boxers and a pair of jeans. I grab my towel and try to quickly towel-dry my hair. I pull up a chair next to the bed where I put her, and pull out my iPod. 

  While I'm listening to "One Love" by Justin Beiber, I see her eyes flutter open. I pause the music, take the buds out of my ears and wait for her to notice me.

  *Louis' POV*

  Just when I'm about to beat Zayn on Black-Ops for the billionth time, I hear a girl screaming from Niall's room. I'm not sure if he saw a spider, or if the girl woke up, but I go to check anyway.

   I pause the game and get up. "C'mon Zayn." I tell him. "No!" He whines. "I was just about to beat you!" I roll my eyes, and grab his ear, pulling him towards Niall's room.


   I knock on the door. "Nialler, can we come in?" I ask. "Sure." I hear his reply from the other side of the wall. I open the door, and I see the girl, wide-eyed, holding the bedside lamp like a baseball bat, ready to swing.

  I step closer to her. "We aren't going to hurt you." I say, walking closer. "We just want to he-" 

  The last thing I saw was her arm swing forward.




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