Where were you?

I originally posted this on facebook on my page: The Cute Lil page, but my freind has pursuaded me to post it on Movellas


8. The Tracker Jackers

I was sleeping when the dawn light woke me. I looked over to were Cato and Glimmer were sleeping.  Glimmer was hugging onto his arm and smiling, obviously thinking about Cato. I crouched up and silently crawled across the forest floor, knife clutched in my hand. I got to were they were sleeping and was about to bring down the knife when I heard a sawing sound. I lay down flat and turned slightly to see what was happening. Twelve was in the tree sawing at a wasps nest. But it wasn't a wasps nest it was a tracker Jacker nest. I buried my head in the leaves silently screaming. I crawled back to my bag and slowly eased it onto my back. I gripped onto my knife and smiled to myself, just as the nest fell down on top of Glimmer. I looked up at twelve and smiled slyly before running off swatting at the tracker Jackers above my head. I turned and saw Cato, Marvel and Peeta behind me. "To the lake! To the Lake!" I screamed silently pleased that Glimmer wasn't with us. I saw Peeta turn and run, then hearing him yell "Get out of here, Cato will be coming for you" I turned around again and saw Cato turning, gripping 4's sword between his hands. He was soon back with blood on his hands. "I did what I had to do." I nooded and jumped into e lake finally getting rid of all the tracker Jackers. I sighed as i felt the relief. Cato swam over to me and smiled. "I'm so sorry" he said and pressed his lips to mine "I love you, I really Honestly do. You are the love of my life Clove and I'll never let you go" I smile and am about to interupt when we hear a cannon and then another Marvel hangs his head and me and Cato look at each other. "Just remember Clovey, we are the real starcrossed lovers. The starcrossed lovers of District 2...."

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