Where were you?

I originally posted this on facebook on my page: The Cute Lil page, but my freind has pursuaded me to post it on Movellas


3. The Interview

"So Clove, What do you like most about the Capitol?"
I thought about it. I looked over at Cato. He flashed me a small smile. I turned back to Ceaser and smiled. "I think I like the....people the best"
"What do you mean?"
"I like the way you don't care what people think about you, and you always seem to be having fun,"
Ceaser looked at me and smiled. All at once the tone sounded, signifying that the interview was over. I leaped up, smiled and waved at the crowd. I heard a couple of the young men wolf whistled. I smiled at them and winked, but in my head I was thinking only of Cato. I walked off the stage waving as I went.

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