Where were you?

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2. The Interveiw prep

Clove Darling, you will be the talk of the town"
My prep team twittered around me, painting my nails, applying eyeliner, curling my hair. I snorted, and at once Tulia picked it up. "You don't think you will be?" she squeaked her genetically altered voice was reaching breaking point. "It's not that.." I started but was instantly stopped as Tulia started to apply my grey lipstick. That's the downfall of District 2, our outfits are either weapon themed or white peacekeeper outfits. Why couldn't we have flaming cloaks like 12, of course that is where my anger lay. District 12, usually in mining outfits or at one games in only coal dust, but last night? Of course they had Cinna, the newest most fashionable stylist around. Of course. That is, I suppose, why I was angry. But I can't just tell 
Tulia and the rest of the team, they would be offended at the least. Some prep teams in previous games had been sacked because of the fact they had sabotaged their tributes, just because the tributes had said that they didn't like the color of the outfit they were wearing. I shut my mouth and looked forward. I was looking forward to seeing Cato again.

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