Where were you?

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9. Peeta is gone

I wake up with my head snuggled into the curve of Cato's shoulder. I look up at him and smile. Then I look around, there's District 3, Cato, Marvel and me. Where's Peeta? I sit up quickly jolting Cato awake. "What the hell-"but I cut him off shushing loudly. "Where is he?" Cato looks at me confused before looking around and suddenly realizing. I hear him sigh behind me and I leap up and stare down at him. "I left him for dead," I looked at him questioningly and he shrugged. "What? he was helping 12" I sigh and punch his arm lightly. I look around and summon everyone over to the lake. I grab a twig, bend down and then look around at them. "This is what we do"

* * * *

`"So all of the food is piled up there, and Three's sorting out the bombs" Cato nodded and put his arm around me. "Well done Clovey" he whispered, kissing my head. I turn to him and frown.  "The people left are both from twelve and eleven, the redhead and a few others, but only a couple of them are a threat. If we keep hold of the food supply and block off the lake then maybe we can starve them out." Cato smiled at me

"My little evil genius"

* * * *

(Sorry for the short chapter, I just wanted to update and this was a half finished chapter that I found, Hope you guys enjoy this and comment below if you have requests for other movellas xoxo K) 

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