Where were you?

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7. Our next kill

Glimmer and Marvel had gone off hours ago leaving me and Cato guarding camp with the nobody's  That's what we had nicknamed them and the nickname stuck. Left now where 5 careers, the boy from 3, the redheaded girl from District 5, the girl from district nine and both from 11 and 12. And next on our list was nine. But for now I was content lying on Cato's lap basking in the sunshine watching the boy from 3 construct the mine pattern for while we're off killing people. That way we'll protect our food. In past years the only years that careers haven't won are when we haven't had any food. But this year I'm going home. Me or Cato, and that's a promise.

Glimmer and Marvel come back at nightfall. They nod and smile. I get to my feet slowly, gently shaking Cato to wake up. "We've found her." Glimmer drawled in her rich District 1 accent. My face slowly draws into a smile. I turn around and walk over to the pile of food. "Each of us get a backpack, inside each backpack there is a packet of beef, two of crackers, a water canister, a sleeping bag, a knife, 3 apples and one weapon of your choice. What do you want?" Glimmer answered immediately "the bow, I want to be able to kill at a distance." I nod and throw her the bow. Cato and Marvel both answer next "spears" I toss those to them. Peeta answers next " anything heavy" I smile at that knowing that he would be able to manage it. "District 4, you're the last member of our party. Chose your weapon." District three looked down at his feet. "Well I'd like  a sword." I threw it to her and we headed off. We walked round until we saw a fire. We creeped over and I threw a knife at the girl from 9. She screamed as she fell and all the birds flew out of the trees.

We left and went to sit under a nearby tree. But the cannon hadn't sounded. "Is she dead?" Cato asked "obviously" we all said. Peeta turned around and started to walk back "I'll go" Peeta kept walking and we just stood there. Peeta came back  and the cannon sounded. We lay down and started to close my eyes, but Cato went over to lie with Glimmer I scowled and went over to were Peeta was still standing. I rested my hand on his shoulder and kissed his cheek making sure that Cato could see. I turned around and smirked. Cato looked up and me and frowned before lying back down. I smiled to myself before lying down and close my eyes.

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