Where were you?

I originally posted this on facebook on my page: The Cute Lil page, but my freind has pursuaded me to post it on Movellas


6. Meeting up

Cato, Lover boy -who's name is Peeta- and I ran toward the lake. When we got there we saw Marvel holding the District 3 boy by the scruff of the neck and Glimmer holding a knife to his throat. "Wait, Stop" I yelled at her as I ran forward  "He could be useful" Glimmer glared at me then turned to Cato and simpered. I nodded at him. Cato walked forward and whispered something in her ear which I'm glad I couldn't hear. I'm glad that Glimmer knows that he's mine. At least she'd better otherwise I would slit that slut's throat while she slept. And nobody would be able to stop me.

I walk over to Marvel leaving Peeta behind me. "Drop him" I look at him with my piercing grey eyes until he let go and ran into the trees. I could have that affect sometimes and unlike 12 I knew what affect I could have. I pulled up my hand punching Glimmer in the face. "Try that with me again and you will die" I looked down at her with gritted teeth then I looked back up at Cato who looked at me stunned. "Right so you've just scared off two of our allies and gained two useless ones. Great start for the careers in the hunger games." I turn round to where Peeta, 3 and 4 were standing. "Anyone else want to try it with me? Didn't think so" I heard Cato mutter something behind me and I turned on one heel whipping him in the face with my hair. He fell to the ground and I instantly clapped my hands to my mouth and dropped to his level. "Are you Ok?" I asked him, genuinley worried. "I am now" he replied pressing his lips on mine. I felt tears on his cheeks and when I looked into his eyes I saw they were wartering from when I hit him. "I'm so so sorr-" But he broke me off saying in a muted tone, to quiet for the cameras to pick up "I love you......."

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