Where were you?

I originally posted this on facebook on my page: The Cute Lil page, but my freind has pursuaded me to post it on Movellas


5. Allies

I lept off the podium and ran for the Cornucopia grabbing bags of supplies out of the way of the other tributes as I went. I reached the Cornucopia first and so I took 2 seconds to look around. Cato, Marvel and Glimmer had all almost reached the Cornucopia. I grabber a spear and threw it to Cato, he caught it and winked at me. I grabbed a sheath of arrows, tossed them to Glimmer and turned to block a flying knife with a bow. I dropped the bow, grabbed the knife and threw it at my attacker: the boy from 9. He was struggling for a backpack with 12 but as soon as the knife came into contact with his back, he choked some blood and fell to the ground. The cannon boomed through the arena. I picked up another knife and threw it at 12. It caught the strap of her bag but didn't harm her. She plucked it out, examined it and smiled slyly. I stamped my foot on the ground. Hard. I picked up a belt of knives and strapped it on. I ran to the boy from nine and tore the knife out of his back before throwing it at the girl from ten. She went down after another knife in her back. I spot the girl from 7 running away. I tackle her to the floor while Marvel spears her through the heart. By the end of the blood bath the girl from three, both from 4, boy from 5, both from 6, both from 7, boy from 8, boy from 9 and both from 10 are dead. We survey our work before sending Glimmer and Marvel to find the main water supply where we can set up camp. Lover boy approaches and announces he wants to be an ally. Me and Cato look at each other and decide that he is our best shot to find twelve. And with an eleven in training, she will be the one to beat....

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