A 1Dream full of moments (For the Valentine's Day with 1D Competion) (COMPLETED)

A short one-shot story about my 1D Valentine's day dream. based loosely on the old BBC TV program: "Three's A Crowd."


1. My dream date


Today's the day, I've been waiting for this day my entire life. Well, actually that was a bit of a exaggeration, I had been waiting for this day to come since I had found out I had won the Competition. The Competition of a lifetime. The Competition where I would get to go on on 5 Dates, with 5 HOT lads, all in 1Day. This day was going to be spent with the gorgeous, One Direction boys, and I couldn't wait.

I woke up bright and early on the 14th of February, spent an hour doing my hair and picking out the right clothes. I didn't wear Make-up, and the boys had always said they preferred natural beauty. I then raced downstairs, all ready for the car that was coming to pick my up and take me to London for my dates with the lads.

I was excited, and been in contact with their manager about the schedule, he was planning on giving me a 2 hour long date with each lad, and I had to be at London for 8am for the first date, with MR LIAM PAYNE. I was nervous that I would be late, or they wouldn't like me, but thankful the car arrived on time, and the traffic wasn't so bad.

I arrived at the boys studio with 20 minutes to spare, their manager was waiting for me, and instantly greeted me, before guiding me to take me to the first date. The part I was most excited about was, that the boys had each chosen where they were taking me, and I had no idea what was in store for me.

Paul dropped me off outside a bowling court, where Liam greeted me, bowing and kissing my hand, such a gentleman, just like I imagined. He then pulled out a square box and handed it to me. "I hope you like chocolates?" He asked.
"Love them." I replied, before he took my hand and led me to the door. We put our bowling shoes on, while he asked me questions about me and my life, and we found we had both been giving a rough hand in life. He took to the bowling alley first and I laughed at his victory dance when he scored a Strike, but then it was my turn and my bowling ball ended up in the guttering. Liam came up to me as I scowled at the alleyway, "Haven't you ever been bowling before?" I shock my head and he smiled at me before grabbing a bowling ball, and handing it to me. He then stood behind me, and gently held my wrists guiding them to move, he whispered in my ear to release the ball. I watched in amazement, as I scored a Strike, I turned to Liam hugging and thanking him. All too soon my first date was over, Liam and I exchanged numbers, so that anytime I felt down I could talk to him, he also gave me the trophy that he had won for getting the 1000th strike. I thanked him again, before getting into Paul's waiting car and heading to my second date, with HARRY STYLES.

As Paul dropped me off, I was a little confused about my date with Harry, he was nowhere in site, and I was standing outside a zoo. I was just about to pull out my phone and ring Paul to find out if he had accidentally dropped me off at the wrong place when Harry appeared carrying a large boutique of flowers. "Hello, love." He smirked kissing my cheek and making me blush, "These are for you." he handed me the flowers, Carnations, my favourite.
"Thank you." I smiled as I smelled them. He smiled again before taking my hand and walking with me. The date was at the zoo, which I didn't mind I loved the zoo, as did he. We walked around whilst talking about every subject Harry could think of. The conversation was easy going, and lasted for the duration of our trek around the zoo. When our time together was nearing an end, he dragged me too the gift shop, and bought the last large tiger. "For you, my sweetheart." I was blown away by the guys generosity, I took the tiger and thanked him. He walked me to Paul's waiting car, he opened the back door for me, and I put the flowers and tiger with the chocolates and trophy. I then hugged Harry thanking him for the date. Before I left we swapped phone numbers and then I climbed into the car, on my way to date number 3 with ZAYN MALIK.

As we drove to our next destination I noticed that it was 12'o'Clock. The morning had been amazing, but had gone by really quick.  Paul slowed the car, I could see Zayn already waiting, he was smartly dressed, but looked really nervous. I piled out of the car, and walked towards him. "Vas Happenin" He greeted, I giggled at that, and blushed once again. He smiled and relaxed a little. "I thought you'd be hungry, so I booked the restaurant for just the two of us. I gasped, that was probably the most romantic thing anyone had do for me. Just like the others he took my head and lead me into the restaurant. It was a really nice restaurant, not posh, which was a good thing, as I wasn't dressed for a really posh restaurant. I told Zayn this as he asked if it was too much, and he replied that I was beautiful just the way I was. Half way through the meal he pulled out a small jewellery box that held a gorgeous heart shaped necklace. Zayn smiled as I stared at the necklace in awe, and got up to fasten it around my neck. He looked into my eyes, and I felt mesmerized by his chocolate orbs. He then walked off breaking the eye connection, I watched as he went to speak to a member of staff, he then came back. "So I wrote you a song, would you like me to sing it?" He asked. I nodded and he began to sing, his voice melted my heart. He sang a really beautiful song that he called "From You To Me." I was in near tears when he had finished. "That was beautiful." I told him. He smiled and handed me a tape. "It's a recording of the song." I thanked him, and we finished our meal laughing and joking with each other. When it was time to go we swapped phone numbers and I hugged bye, I then put the tape with the ever growing pile of gifts as I got into Paul's car, and touched my necklace to check it was still there. I watched the passing scenery of London as I was whisked to be with NIALL HORAN.

When I arrived at my destination I found Niall sitting on the wall outside an tall looking building. "Hey babe" I smiled shyly at him. "I thought we could go Ice Skating. Are you alright with that?" He looked slightly worried that I would say no.
"Yeah, that's fine, I've never been Ice Skating, so it will be fun." Niall smiled looking relieved. "I'm glad your OK with it. I've never been either. So it will be an interesting experience for both of us." I laughed at that and he took my hand and led me up the stairs. As we pulled our skates on, Niall and I chatted, I was interested to know what Ireland was like, as I'd never been, but always wanted to. He told me about how beautiful the countryside was, and all about his childhood. I smiled as I imagined Niall as the child he was describing. Niall and I decided to start Skating, as are time together was slowly ticking away. I was surprised about how protective he was. I mean sure the others and been loving and kind. But even though I was holding on to the railing, he still insisted on holding my waist to steady me. When we had, had enough of skating we went to take our skates off. while I was moving my left skate Niall came and sat beside me. "So, I wanted to give you something to remember our time together, so while your been with the other guys I went to this art museum, and, well I made this." He pulled out a beautiful sculptor of a wolf. "You made this?" I asked.
"Yeah, well I had a little help, from one of the assistance, but I did most of it. Do you like it?" I nodded, "I love it, I placed it in the back in the box. So I didn't damage it. "I also got you this bracelet." He said. I looked up and saw him holding it up. "I took it from him and stared at it. "It's beautiful, could you put it on for me please?" I asked handing it him back. He placed it around my wrist and I thanked him, and kissed him on the check, before he lead me out of the building, and to Paul's car, he opened the door for me and I hugged, once again exchanged numbers and climbed in, putting the box with the rest of the gifts. Before getting ready for my final date with LOUIS TOMLINSON.

As we drove to Louis' chosen destination, I noticed that it was getting dark. I hoped that it wasn't going to spoil any plans.
Paul dropped me off in the middle of now where. "Hello." I spun around to see Louis, standing behind me, smiling.  "Hi." I smiled at him. He walked over to me, and smiled at me, a mischievous sort of smile. "Do you trust me?" He asked, I nodded a little wearily at what he was planning. All of a sudden my vision what dark, "Alright then, just trust me, I promise to not let you fall." He took my hands in his, and guided me to wherever we were going, he kept to his promise and I never once tripped. Eventually he stopped and pulled the blindfold off, I gazed out as my vision came back to me. Laid before me was a beautiful, candlelit picnic. I smiled at him. "It's beautiful." I told him. Louis took my hand and led me over to the picnic. We sat eating the food and talking, he seemed interested in my ambitious in life, and I was curious to know if he'd always dreamed of being a singer. He was quite the joker and kept me laughing throughout the whole date. When we finished eating we sat together looking at the stars. "So I hope you don't think of this as a bit weird, but all the guys wanted to buy you a gift so you can remember your time with us, so I decided to buy you this." He sounded nervous, as he handed me an envelope, I opened it carefully and inside was a certificate. "You named a star after me." I couldn't stop the tears from falling, all day the boys had been so sweet." He nodded. "I also got you this teddy." He handed me the teddy. I turned to him, and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you, you have been so sweet to me." The rest of the date was lovely, but eventually it was time to go. I added my gifts from Louis with the rest of the gifts, exchanged numbers with him and climbed in the car.

I couldn't believe the day was over. It had been MAGICAL.  I loved every second, and I was sad that it had ended. But that wasn't entirely true. I was surprised when Paul took me back to the studio, and all the boys were standing there. My arms were loaded with their presents, so  Paul took them off me and went to fetch a bag to put them in. "So, have you had fun today?" Harry asked. "Yes, it's been a really fun day, I enjoyed my time with all of you."
Liam grinned, "Well, we enjoyed our time with you. And we wanted to give you one last gift. We had someone follow us on our dates and take pictures, and then asked them to rush the pictures through. So here you go." Liam handed me a book, I opened it up and was amazed to find, pictures of all my dates with the boys. Pictures of Liam helping me to score a Strike. and then giving me his trophy, there was pictures of me and Harry gazing at the tigers, and him buying me the soft tiger. Then there pictures of my romantic dinner with Zayn and him singing to me. There was Niall and I skating, and him handing me his sculptor. Finally were pictures of Louis and I stargazing and him handing me the certificate. I was in floods of tears. "This is beautiful guys, thank you. This has definitely the best day of my life."
They all smiled. "There's just one photo missing." Louis said as he flicked to the end of the book. The last page was empty except for the words. 'GROUP PHOTO' at the bottom of the page. "Will you give us the honour of one last photo?" Niall asked. I nodded eagerly, before moving to sit in the middle of them. Once the photo had been taken, and placed in my book, I thanked them and went to put it with the bag of gifts by the door.
When I came back I saw Zayn sticking a photo in another book. He looked up at me and smiled. "And this book, is so we never forget you." They then each took turns to hug me, and I said my final goodbyes. I loved all my gifts, and I knew I never would forget my '1Day full of Moments.'

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