Best friends, no matter what happen. (a Harry Styles fanfiction)

This story goes about a girl called Jessie. She lives in Holland and her life is far away from perfect. She is seventeen when her parents die. After that she is going to move to London with her uncle and her aunt. Then she meets a boy called Harry Styles, they become best friends or more? read to find out. ;) This is a love and dramatic story.


9. The kiss..

It's 2 months later now and I really like it on my new school and I have made some new friends, Abby, Lisa and Julia. They are really nice and they are in almost all of my classes.  I have become best friends with Harry. He's a really nice boy and I  feel like I can trust him, He's in my biology and maths class.

For now I decided to not tell anyone about what happend to my parents and I just tell them that my uncle and aunt are my parents. I am just not ready to talk about it already and I just want to know  everyone a bit better first. Maybe I will tell it then, or not. 


*Jessie's pov*

Tonight I have a party, it was Abby's birthday. It starts in 2 hours so I am going to get ready now. I got in the shower and after ten minutes I came out. I dried my hair and after that I put on my dress. It was a cute red knee-length dress. I put my dress on and curled my hair, put on some make-up and drived to abby's house. I knocked on the door and Harry opened it he looked at me and a big smile grow on his face. Why are you smiling so big? I asked confused.

*Harry's pov*

I opened the door and I saw Jessie standing. She looked beautiful, like always. Since the first moment I saw her I liked her a lot and I still do. I never told her that I liked her more than just friends because I didn't want to ruin anything. So that's how it is, were best friends and no more than that... 


*later that night*


*Jessie's pov*

It was 11 pm and Harry and I went to the kitchen to get something to drink. The other people we're still dancing and things like that in the other room. We got something to drink and sat down on the couch who was standing next to the kitchen. We we're talking about school and things like that. Then I turned my face around and looked him right in the eyes, or faces we're only a few inches apart from eachother, he came even more closer to me, our noses we're touching and then he pressed his lips on mine. He first kissed me softly but then with more passion. I pulled back. Harry I..' he interrupts me. Jessie I like you a lot, I already liked you since the first moment I saw you at school and I always wanted to be more than friends...

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