Best friends, no matter what happen. (a Harry Styles fanfiction)

This story goes about a girl called Jessie. She lives in Holland and her life is far away from perfect. She is seventeen when her parents die. After that she is going to move to London with her uncle and her aunt. Then she meets a boy called Harry Styles, they become best friends or more? read to find out. ;) This is a love and dramatic story.


3. I have to tell her.

(still monday evening) *Jessies POV* I can't sleep cause more then a hundred thoughts
we're in my head about my mom. I need to talk with someone about it, maybe I will feel better
then. I wanna call Abby but I didn't now if should do it.. She always say I can call whenever I want if there is something I want to talk about..but If I need to do that now..I decide that I am just gonna call her.

*Abbys POV*
I woked up from my phone who was ringing because someone is calling me. I looked at my screen and saw it was Jessie and I answerd it.

Umm.. hi, what is wrong? I said with a sleepy voice.

Hi Abby, I am really sorry that I call you so late and if
you where sleeping and woked up from me calling you, but
I have to tell you something.. she said.

Oh no problem, i've told you that you can call me whenever you want,
so what is wrong?

Ok, my mom told me it yesterday.. My mom she..
I heard at her voice that she was going to cry.

What is it? just tell me..

My mom she.. she got cancer she said crying now.

Omg Jessie, thats horrible! I am so sorry for you and your mom, she don't deserve this!
I was completely shocked about what she just telled me, she don't deserve to maybe lose her mom, nobody deserve that..

This is all that I haved to tell you, I wanted you to know it first, and know you know..
I am gonna try to sleep know and I am sorry that I have woked you up for this, she said still a little bit crying.

Jess, you really don't have to be sorry, if there is anything you want to say, you can always call me, I promise. I am here for you if you need me.

Thats really sweet from you, and thank you very much, goodnight, she said.

Sleepwell, I said.

*phonecall ended*
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