Best friends, no matter what happen. (a Harry Styles fanfiction)

This story goes about a girl called Jessie. She lives in Holland and her life is far away from perfect. She is seventeen when her parents die. After that she is going to move to London with her uncle and her aunt. Then she meets a boy called Harry Styles, they become best friends or more? read to find out. ;) This is a love and dramatic story.


8. First day at school.

Jessie's pov.

I got up and changed to my uniform, ugh I hate it to wear a uniform. I put on some make up, walked downstairs and eat my breakfast. After that I drived to school.

I got out my car and walked to the school, I almost where there but then I saw that I forgot my bag. I turned around and bumped right into someone. Shit I am so sorry I am just so stupid. I looked up and I saw a cute boy with curly hair smiling at me. I blushed. It's okay I am Harry, he said friendly. Oh uhm I am Jessie, I said, still blushing.

Harry's pov.

I saw a girl with a bit curly brown hair and beautiful brown eyes standing in front of me, she was beautiful. Uh, I uh.. have to go, sorry, she said. 


authorsnote: I am so sorry, I know the chapter is really really short but I don't have a lot time to write but I just wanted to update, so the next chapter will be longer. :)


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