Best friends, no matter what happen. (a Harry Styles fanfiction)

This story goes about a girl called Jessie. She lives in Holland and her life is far away from perfect. She is seventeen when her parents die. After that she is going to move to London with her uncle and her aunt. Then she meets a boy called Harry Styles, they become best friends or more? read to find out. ;) This is a love and dramatic story.


1. a horrible Sunday..

Sunday morning: *Jessies POV* I woke up from my phone lighting up because I got a text message, it is from Abby, a really good friend from me.

from: Abby
Hi Jess!
I'm sorry but I can't go to the movies today,
I have to babysit my little brother cause my
parents are having a party from my dads
work. -_-
I am really sorry, maybe next Sunday? I hope
you are not mad.. ;(
xx Abby.

To: Abby
Hi Abby,
Ooh too bad! ;( ofcourse I am not mad, why
should I? Have fun with your little brother, haha.
I dont know if I can next week.. I will text you,
ok? :) xx Jessie.

I put my phone away and get out off bed. I walked to my closet
and put on some jeans, pink sweater and my red Vans.
I walked downstairs and I saw my mom and dad
sitting on the couch and crying. I was shocked and quickly
walked over to my mom and dad and asked scared:
mom, dad, what is wrong? Honey please come sitdown,
we have to tell you something, my mom said. I sat down
next to my parrents and asked scared: mom what, what is it?
please say it? Honey I.. ,my mom said. You what mom? I asked.
I.. I have got cancer.. she said crying. MOM YOU HAVE WHAT?
I yeld and cried at the same time. I was really shocked.
I am so sorry honey.. ,my mom said with a trembling voice.I ran upstairs, going into my room jumped in my bed and laid beneath the blankets and cried, the whole time.
I can't believe it..
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