At Last

Katie and Caleb have beens inseperable since birth. But as they get older, Katie can't deny the spark she feels everytime they touch. Their routine sleepovers get harder and harder, as she can't continue to pretend to be " just friends". Will she take the chance and tell Caleb how she really feels? Or will she chicken out yet another time? Will he even feel the same? You'll have to read to find out.


4. This is so unlike you.

Caleb's POV.
Its been a few hours now, and she hasn't texted or called. She always texts after she gets a bit of space. Im starting to really worry now. What if she didn't make it home and went clubbing? ( she does that sometimes to clear her head. ) I decided to go to her apartment, because before I knew it, I had my keys in my hand and I was throwing a coat on, running out to my Benz. I just hope she's not drunk again, last time she went clubbing the paps were all over her. ( her dad is a designer, and she's a designer/singer in the process). As I'm almost to her apartment, I see police lights. And an ambulance about to put a girl. . . THAT'S KATIE! I slam on the brakes , just about getting rear ended. I jump out of my car, yelling for her. A bunch of cops try to stop me, but I just shove them out of my way and run to her. I'm screaming for her to please just wake up. Begging and praying. A few medics ask who I am and how I know her, what's her name . . . Etc. they let me ride with her as another cop follows in my Benz. When we get to the hospita, the nurses force me into an uncomfortable plastic waiting room chair. They wouldn't let me go back with her because they need to get her stabilized and fix her injuries. As I'm waiting , my eyes start to burn from all the crying and I begin to fall asleep.

I feel myself being shaked and I wake up to see a nurse in bright orange scrubs.
" she's awake now darling, you can go back and see her. We called her parents but they're away in Paris. " said the nurse who's name is Clara from her name tag.
" oh thanks ma'am. Is she. . . Going to be okay? " I ask, feeling the knot form in my throat
" oh yes sweetie! She had a few complications during her surgery to release some swelling in her brain, but other than that, she just broke her arm and fractured a few ribs. Shell be good as new in a couple weeks. " she said cheerily.

She led me back to Katie's room and told me not to talk to loud because of her headache, and push the red button for her medicine every hour.
As I walk in, I see her face light up and a smile spread across her face, but as soon as her eyes meet mine, her smile quickly fades and she realizes she has explaining to do.
" Katalina Marie Baylor, what the hell do you think you were doing? If you were trying to give me a heart attack, congrats, mission accomplished. " I said sternly but conscience of being quiet.
" I. . . I" she started, " I was trying to turn around and appoligize. I didn't want you to hate me. " she finishes, her voice falling at the last two words.
I immediately feel sorry for being upset with her, and become upset with myself for letting her leave. My face softens as I go to cradle her.
" Katie, " I sigh more than say, " I could never in million years hate you. I love you silly. "
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