At Last

Katie and Caleb have beens inseperable since birth. But as they get older, Katie can't deny the spark she feels everytime they touch. Their routine sleepovers get harder and harder, as she can't continue to pretend to be " just friends". Will she take the chance and tell Caleb how she really feels? Or will she chicken out yet another time? Will he even feel the same? You'll have to read to find out.


3. Running.

Caleb's POV
"I WANT YOU TO LET. ME. GO!" she screamed.
"FINE! GO! RUNAWAY FROM YOUR PROBLEMS LIKE YOU ALWAYS FUCKING DO!" I screamed back. Well hey, if she could scream, so could I.
As soon as I let her go, she grabbed her bag and left, slamming the front door on her way out. God what has gotten into her? We've never fought, and I do mean never. She got pissy on her period or when her dad called but never like this. She's never screamed at me. Not with anger and pain in her eyes. I just wanted to hold her, take away all her pain. That girl has gone through so much, it amazes me how she stays like that. So. . . So strong. I really should follow her and make sure that she's okay, but I know her, and when she's upset she likes her space. I'll send flowers to her apartment tomorrow to appoligize for. . . Wait I have nothing to appoligize for. Why did she freak out then? Ugh I dOnt get it.

Katie's POV.
I don't think I've ever ran that fast. I just needed out of there. He can't know. He can never know how much I love him. How much his eyes turn me on with they look in mine. The way his body, looks like it was perfectly chiseled. God why's he have to be so damn sexy! And why do I have to be so damn stupid!? He probably hates my guts now. Ugh I can't lose him now. My dads been tracking me down like crazy lately. If he keeps it up I'll have to call the cops again. I hate my dad! He's so damn evil! And he only dies it to ! All his other kids? Naaaah he treats them like gold. But Katalina Marie Baylor ? No, he treats me with anger, and hate. Gives me secrets that only Caleb and my mom knows. Caleb was that one person who always picked me up when I fell down. It's what I loved most about him. He never let me down, and he always had my back. When my mom had cancer, he stayed with us in the hospital the entire time. When shewas clear of it, he threw her a party. And a big one too. He never ceases to amaze me. I don't . . . I can't jeopardize our friendship. . Our history for what could turn into a tragic love affair. I need to go and appoligize before I lose him for being such a bitch.
As I turn around, the only thing I see are headlights, then everything turns to black. . .
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