At Last

Katie and Caleb have beens inseperable since birth. But as they get older, Katie can't deny the spark she feels everytime they touch. Their routine sleepovers get harder and harder, as she can't continue to pretend to be " just friends". Will she take the chance and tell Caleb how she really feels? Or will she chicken out yet another time? Will he even feel the same? You'll have to read to find out.


5. Love?

Katie's POV.

Love? Did he just say he loved me? I mean. . . We always say we love eacchother. But he had this look in his eyes. Like he meant it differently this time.
"love? You. . . You love me?" I croak. " uh. Yeah actually. Just to clarify , I don't mean it as friends either. I've kinda been hiding my feelings for uh sometime now, trying to convince myself that I didn't love you, because I didn't want to lose you. But I can't keep it in anymore. I love you Katie. " the smile on his face when he says it, shows me how much he means it. " It took you long enough idiot. " I say smiling. " what?" he asks confused. " I love you too Caleb." I rePly. I was about to tell him more, but he made it quite difficult by crashing his lips down on mine. The kiss starts of slow and loving, but then gradually turns passionate, like we just can't seem to possibly get close enough to eacchother. I begin tugging at his slightly curly brown hair, causing him to moan in pleasure. I pull away from him and begin to say " get me the hell out of here and take me home. " he smiles and says " my pleasure. . . Uh girlfriend?" I bite my bottom lip before replying " thankyou boyfriend. " It feels like my luck is finally turning around.
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