At Last

Katie and Caleb have beens inseperable since birth. But as they get older, Katie can't deny the spark she feels everytime they touch. Their routine sleepovers get harder and harder, as she can't continue to pretend to be " just friends". Will she take the chance and tell Caleb how she really feels? Or will she chicken out yet another time? Will he even feel the same? You'll have to read to find out.


1. Realizing.

Hi! My name is Katalina Marie Baylor. Although I prefer just Katie or Kate. I'm 18 and I recently graduated. I live in my own gorgeous apartment and I have two bestfriends. Caleb Levi Mayes and Emily Anne smith. Caleb and I grew up together in a small town in California. Our friends planned our friendship since pregnancy. Our moms so secretly wish we were in love. But so far that hadn't happened yet. I met Emily in the second grade when we were at story time and she taught me how to braid my hair. They were also both 18 and graduated with me as well. Emily lives with her fiancé Timmy. And Caleb lives in his own apartment as well. Caleb and have have sleepovers every weekend. We've done this since as long as I can remember and tonight we just happen to have one

" Hey I'm on my way, be there in like fifteen." I spoke into my Iphone.

"Alright, I'll be here, see you soon, love you." Caleb replied.

"Love you too, bye." I said, hanging up.

       I grabbed my coat and stopped to check myself in the mirror. Vintage grey skinnys with pink flowers, a grey V-neck, and pink pumps. My normally frizzy honey brown hair, is in cute curls, and my blue eyes are rimmed with mascara and a bit of eyeliner. I decided I look okay and grab my purse and lock my apartment door behind me. I hop into my Rolls Royce, my dad got me ( yes, I come from family money, but i prefer to make my own.) and head over to Caleb's.

      I've been dressing up a lot lately when I go to Caleb's. Before I used to practically wear pjs with him. but lately it didn't feel right.I felt the constant need to look pretty around him...why?

      I turned on the radio to block out my thoughts. One Direction's "Kiss You" song came on. Caleb never  understood why I was so in love with thhem, Harry mainly. Caleb's favorite singer is Hunter Hayes, who I will admit is a great singer, but he's no One Direction. As the song ends, I pull into Caleb's driveway, turn off the car, and get out.

      As I'm about to knock on the door, It's opened by a shirtless and smileing Caleb. I find myself looking at his chest longer than I should and mentally slap myself. He pulls me into a big hug and kisses my cheek while taking my bags from me and sticking them  in his bedroom.

"what do you want to do tonight kay?" he calls from the kitchen.

" uhhm how about movies, and junkfood?" I say already knowing his answer.

" ahhh! now thats my bestfriend i know and love." he says as we giggle.

            I grab the junk food and call for our double bacon pizza while he puts the movie in and turns it on. He sits on the loveseat and I sit next to him and put my feet on his lap while he wraps his arm around my waist so i can hide in his  chest during the scary parts.

          I didn't even pay attention during  the movie because  I was too focused  onhow easy it was with him, how our bodies were perfect matches that just melted together.How..... how our entire lives I was blind to the fact that I love... I love Caleb.

Holy shit... I'm in love with my bestfriend.


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