I Felt It For The First Time Looking In Your Eyes

Title taken from Loved You First by One Direction!!

this is for the One Direction One shot Valentine's day competition i worked muchoe hard on it I hope you like it!!



1. A date with LOUIS

Today is my favourite day of the year, do you know why?! It's because its VALENTINE'S DAY and I used to not like it when I was single, but now I love valentines day because now I have a boyfriend and we are in love. <3


And guess what...



My boyfriend is LOUIS TOMLINSON



I was sitting on the couch watching television when my phone rings and I answer it I put the phone up to my ear

"Hello?" I say.

The voice on the other line replies. "Hey, Jessie. It's Louis. How are you?"


"I am so good!" I smile and sit up on the sofa. 

"That is really good! Want to go out for dinner because tonight is VALENTINES DAY and I know that that is your most favourite day of the whole entire year!" My boyfriend grins and blinks those perfect blue eyes of his. I find it impressive that he could remember what my favourite day of the year is. He is so good at listening.


I brush my hair the texture of silk behind my ear and I blush, thankful that he can't see me because my face is crimson. I love him so much, but I am muchoe shy and I spend lots of time crying because I have no friends other than Louis.

That is okay, though, because I don't need anyone other than Louis. He is perfect and my best friend in the whole world.

"I would absolutely love that!" I beam and then I hang up after we make arrangements. I shower and then dry my hair after I spent an hour shaving my legs and armpits and then moisturising my skin until it is as soft as the inside of a rose. I pick out my outfit; a pink dress with a flowered belt that twirls around my knees and spun around in circles admiring myself. I have a very good body because I go to the gym everyday and work out and I always eat vegetables. I curl my hair until it looks good enough to be beautiful then I grab my purse and walk downstairs to where Louis is already waiting.

"Hey, babe." He kisses my lips and then pulls me into a hug. "Ready to go?"

We walk down the street holding hands and being in love when suddenly there is a crash! A bus is coming straight for us!

"Look out!" Louis shoves me out of the way right before I die and we lie on the cement with our hearts racing.

"Oh my gosh, Louis." I breathe, holding him close. "You just saved my life!"

He smiles and helps me to my feet. "If you had gotten hit, this would've been the worst Valentine's day of my life!"

"Me too." I agree, kissing him while lying on the ground in the dark as it starts to rain. My dress is torn but I don't even care. Louis notices my damaged out fit and how it is torn and starts to sing Torn the song. That's when suddenly the rest of the boys appear out of the dark, singing along with him. Once the song is finished, I applaud madly and gasp as Louis drops to one knee.

"Jessie, I've loved you and I always will. Marry me?"

"YES!" I leap into his arms and we kiss, the boys saying "awww" and tearing up a little.

"Isn't it funny-" Louis murmurs as we come up for air. "How this was almost the worst day ever, then it ended up being the best day of my life?"

"It's not funny." I smile, kissing his lips. "It's perfect."



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