Happy Valentine's Day, Princess - 1SHOT41D competition

This is a one shot for the 'Valentine's Day with One Direction' competition :)


1. Valentine's Day

I felt a soft feather tickling my cheek. I gently brushed it away with my hand, not opening my eyes.

'Harry?' I asked in my morning voice although Niall's chuckle came to my ears.

'Nope! Niall. Happy Valentine's Day beautiful!' he said, wrapping his arms around me for a second, then letting go. I opened my eyes and looked around my bedroom, searching for Harry and whatever surprise he might have planned.

'I'm here to make you breakfast, at Harry's order. He said today you shall be treated like a princess. Stealing my ideas, that bastard!' he said as he was getting out of the bed, probably heading for the kitchen.


At my feet, on the sheet, stood a plain white letter, closed with a golden ribbon. It said 'To Lisa', so I took it and opened it without hesitation knowing it was for me. In front of me was a piece of paper with Harry's handwriting on it.

'Dear Lisa,

I want you to have the best Valentine's Day ever. So I'm going to make you feel like a princess, something you've always wanted. :) I sent Lou over to help you with your make up and Caroline will bring you your dress. Next up, a carriage will wait for you outside, so hurry, I'm eager to see you darling! I'll meet you in a secret place, where we'll spend the whole week-end, I Love You.

                                                                                                                                  Harry .xx'


I squealed in excitement and Niall came from the kitchen with a delicious breakfast. Half an hour later, Lou came over to my house. She studied my face for a moment, then stretched her arms out and rose the corners of my mouth into a smile.

'All done, honey.' she concluded, sitting on the bed beside me.

'Harry's order?' I sighed, not pleased with the fact I had to be a princess without make-up. She nodded, giving me a quick grin.


Then Caroline came with the biggest, most beautiful dress I had seen in my life. It was a pale pink dress made out of a corset and a pretty tulle. I tried it and it fitted perfectly, so Caroline asked Lou to do my hair. After my pampering, they both left just as a white carriage, decorated with pink roses stopped in front of the porch.


The horses were of an immaculate white, and the coachman was wearing a black silk tuxedo and a matching topper. It was an amazing 15 minutes ride, with gorgeous views. It was about noon when the coachman stopped the carriage.

'This is your stop miss, I hope you enjoyed the trip!' he said, offering me his hand to get off.

The carriage stopped in the middle of a grassy meadow, and I started walking after I took off my heels, enjoying the feel of the grass. Harry was standing mesmerized a few meters away. He was looking at me with wide eyes and a slightly open mouth. He was dressed in a tuxedo, and I smiled at his sight, suddenly remembering I had no make-up on.


We were now face to face. He place a hand on my cheek and kissed me quietly. I looked in his eyes, those green orbs making me fall in love with this boy all over again.

'Happy Valentine's Day, Princess.' he whispered, trying not to disturb the serenity of the meadow. I intertwined our fingers, as Harry started to guide me towards the castle.

'You look gorgeous without make-up, by the way.' he said, smiling and revealing his dimple.


We were standing in front of a peaceful manor, not a castle, but it was perfect.

'I'm actually glad you didn't rent a castle.' I admitted, lying my head on his shoulder.

'I thought it'd be more intimate.' he replied, leaning in to kiss my forehead.

We started walking towards the front steps and I realized how lucky I was for having Harry, how much I loved and cared about him, and what an unforgettable week-end this would be.


Harry was indeed a hopeless romantic.

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