Emily lives a normal life, hanging out with her friends, going to the movies, singing and dancing an fooling around.
Until an unexpected guest is knocking on her door. Soon, life will be a lot different from what it used to be


6. Spying

"Since i don't have a home, i was sleeping in the park" he said, as Susan was giving him a cup of tea. She had invited him in!!!

- "And as i was trying to sleep, through the fact that there's a heavy thunder, and that it rains alot, i heard you guys. Singing. So i ehmm... i looked at you from the window"

I almost couldn't belive this. "YOU SPYED on us?!" i said.

"Spying is not what i would call it. I'd call it checking out the next big star" he said "well.. as i was saying... i saw that it was you who had the talent. You..." He pointed at Susan "you where just... ermmm... a great... okay, you suck at singing! But thanks for inviting me in".


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