Roses Are Red

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1. some one like you

No harry, you just used me! You are in love with that fucking bitch! I thought you where the one for me, i loved you harry!” You where standing in the rain infront of your house. You just been on a date with your boyfriend since 6 mounths but now you’ve seen him kissing another girl, on your date. ”maxime i don’t like that girl! I love you!” He said taking your hand. ” ooh yeah, then what was that kiss for? Because i’m not good enough to kiss?!” You spat out as you pulled your hand back.“It was a mistake maxime i never shoud’ve kissed her” “how long harry?” You asked calming down a bit. “I’m sorry!” “How long?” You asked again. “3 weeks” he answered. “You are an asswhole harry! A fucking asswhole, i’m done!” You said as you went inside your house. You cried and cried, more and more. Days went by and after all you decided to move on! he wasn’t worth it, not at all. you went to clubs with friends again and had a lot of fun. you haven’t had a boyfriend in a while now. harry made you lose your faith in every single guy and… you still felt something for him but couldnt just forgive him! Today you where going shopping with a friend of yours. “Shit!” You said. “What?” “Harry is here with some friends i guess. You pulled her away before harry noticed you but it was to late.”maxime” harry called. He ran to you and hugged you. You pushed him of and gave him a weird look. “You might forgot what happened but i didn’t! You have hurt me, harry. I never should’ve trusted you!” You said all calmed down. “maxime, it’s about 3 weeks ago that happened… You can’t be mad at me for ever!” He said. “Ooh, whatch me and you’ll see that i can!” You said. Suddenly harry had grabbed another girl and started being silly with her trying to make you jalouse. “watch out, he’s a hartbreaker!” You walked away feeling hurt, he was trying to make you jalouse and it worked quite well. Thought you where still really mad at him. After a couple minutes your friend cheert you up and you enjoyed your day of shopping.“Why is he doing this?!” You asked yourself tears starting to fall from your cheecks. You cried yourself a sleep again knowing he wasn’t worth it. But you still loved him thought. You where the one who broke up with him so you’re acctually not suppose to cry about him. Yes he did sheat on you, but why didn’t you gave him another chance, why didn’t he just kissed you in the rain and after all have make up sex? All those kind of thoughts where running true your had. Those thoughts weren’t good for you because they made you feel like you were the one who was sheeting. The night past slowely and you felt lonely again. Knowing there is nothing to do about it. You lost the love of your live, the only one you needed, the only one you wanted. You’ve lost him, for ever! For the second time in one mont days went by by crying and hoping your life will get better. You have saw lots more picuters of harry and probably he’s new girlfriendOnes more you went true the album harry made for you. “That’s it!” You said to yourself. You grabbed your couth and your bag and went to harry’s house. You rang the doorball and quickley harry opened. “Harry why? Why are you doing this to me? I thought i was better of withouth you but you tried to make me so fucking jalouse that i had no choise of being jalouse. I loved you, i still do. Only you have found another one. You made me cry for days, i haven’t eat, i haven’t slept! You are a horrible persone harry but i love you! You are the only one i wanna be with for ever, the one and only! I just wanted you to know that my love for you never died!” Harry was softly rubbing some tears o

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