Roses Are Red

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2. ILY

you were having a great time at a chrismas choping with your best friend. you buyed a lot of presents and enjoyed the time with her. suddenly your phone rang. you took it and answer. “hello?” “hey, is this (y/n)?” someone over the phone asked. “yes” you said. “your boyfriend harry got into an accident” you directly stoped walking and staid were you where. “is it bad?” you asked. “yes it is! he is still unstaible and we are trying to do everything” “I’ll be over there in a bit!” you said nervously. you hung up the phone and hugged your friend “harry, he, he got into a car accident! I have to go!” “sure, love be carfull!” she told you. you ran to harry’s car as fast as you could, he got your car so you drived his for the day. you drived to the hospital and when you were there you ran in. “were does harry styles lies?” you asked gently to a woman of the hospital. “he can’t have visitors at the moment. you can sit over there” she said pointing at the other boys and danielle waiting nervously. you ran upto them and hugged danielle thight starting to cry. “what happened?” you asked tears streaming down your face. “we don’t know, we just arrived here…” liam said. niall pointed to louis who was crying to and you directly walked to him. “louis, are you alright?” “DO I FUCKING LOOK LIKE I’M ALRIGHT?” he asked annoyed. he looked up to you and saw you crying really heart. “I’m sorry (y/n) i’m just fucking scared he’s not gonna make it” “what? he is not gonna make it?” “he got hit really heart (y/n)… they are now trying to keep him alive!” he said standing up. “so… he, he’s gonna die?” you asked. “i’m not sure love” he said tears rolling down his cheeks to. one of your good friends who worked at the hospital yelled your name and you turned around and so her standing there. “why are you- omg, babe what happened?” she asked as she saw you crying. you walked up to her and hugged her. “my boyfriend got into a bad car accident” “ooh no, love! is it bad?” she asked. “I don’t know yet… I love him (y/f/N) I don’t want to loos him!” you cried on her shoulder until a doctor came in the waiting room. “we could save him, but we still don’t know how he’s gonna be tomorrow…” he said. you thanked him and walked into the room harry lied in. “ooh thank god babe, you’re alive! I thought I losed youyou said tears streaming down you face. “your car… I was driving your car!” harry said with a weak voice. “hey babe, I don’t care about that car! i’m glad your still alive! I love you harry!” you told him. “I love you to!” he smiled weakly. you pushed his curls away and kissed his fourhead softly. houres pasted and harry was sleeping all the time but being with him just made you feel good right now. you were thinking about how many good moments you had with harry. the kisses he gave you when you felt down, the make-up sex, his sweet words, the way he made you melt, the first time you met the first time he said I love you to you, the way he smiled at you every second of the day, the way he said babe to you and much more.  it was late at night and you felt asleep on the other bed that was in the same room. early in the morning you got woken by harry trying to wake you up by saying your name. “what’s wrong harry?” you asked getting up. “can you get a doctor please?” he asked. “i’ll be right back!” you said. you ran out of the room searching for a doctor after a while you found one and got him into the room harry was laying in. “miss, I’m gonna do a few testsmay I ask you to go out?” he asked. “is everything going to be alright?” “I don’t know yet miss.” he said. “(y/n), call the boys please… and never forget that I love you… a lot!” “I love you to harry!” you walked out of the room with tears falling down your cheecks again trying so hard not to cry. you called louis and asked him he could bring all the boys. after about 30 minutes the boys were there. you sat on a chair crying hard. “(y/n) what happened?” louis asked you. “harry, he asked me to call a doctor so I did. the doctor asked me to go out of the room and a few minutes later he ran with harry’s bed true the hallway. I don’t know at all what’s wrong!” you couldn’t help but cry and jump into nialls arms cause he was close by you. niall grabbed you tight rubbing your bag. “everything is gonna be alright love!” niall said. “no, niall… this is the second time there is something wrong. I don’t know he’s gonna make it! I don’t know what’s wrong, I just need him. he is my everthing. we may have fight a lot the past couple days, but I love him and I need him to know that everytime we fighted it wasn’t reall. every single day at work I thought about how lovely it would be being back home. I really don’t want to lose him!” you cried. “he knows that (y/n) he really does! never forget he loves you. maybe he even will survive.” niall said. you could here he had to hold in his tears.   “(y/n)?” you heared a doctor ask. “yes?” “can you sit down please?” he asked. “sure, umh… is he dead?” “no, he made it again! but he is really unstable so you won’t get to see him for a while. untill we are sure, he will not have to go true a thing like this anymore” “thank you so much for saving him! but how long is ‘for a while?’ ” you asked. “well… it could be a few week, it even could be a mounth. but it really is the best for harry!” “no, it’s ok! I only want him to be save!” you thanked the doctor again and then told everything to the boys trying hard not to cry and it work you didn’t cry you just told everything. niall brough you home then and you got in preparing of the lonly days that will come. a whole week went by and you hadn’t seen harry for a long time. you haven’t seen anyone. you just staid home, not eating much, watching tvor you got out for a run so you could do something.

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