Bad Zombies

Blur; The world has take over by zombies but can the children survival the zombies take over?


2. War is on

I was shock I saw load of zombies, people screaming and ate, I thought I'm going to puke, but I'm not going puke ok? 'Alice? Why you didn't help people out there?' I ask 'Well dom said no he said we can't do anjything to help..' she shrugging. The next day I got up I saw dom and alice fell asleep, I try waking them up they didn't waking up, I fetch ice water pour over them still not waking I thought it's dead? I was upsetting why they died for this war no! Can't be. I fetch gas can pour all over them, and I getting a match, I strike the match throw them and burn them. This is end for them, I caught a pill I pick it up it's said "Nova 6 pill" I wide with eyes and burst my tear and ran off. I get in the car and drive away lucky zombies was bitten me but didn't not bitten me. 'right my plan going to.....Ahha found it there is called place is "Derby" I'm going there now, oh no fuel nearly empty hopefully will be there in petrol stations.' My mum and dad is dead now and my brothers is missing I thinking somebody taking them. I saw the tape record, I press play 'Hi Luke Kelly you know who this one this is your ex, I tooking your brothers I know your parent is dead (crying) so hope you live and I will cuddle you see ya.' I thougt my mind said it's was my ex-girlfriend name is "Jessica Wagstaff" 'Oh my god I have going to see her hope she care them and not begin dead or zombie.'


Hope you like it sorry my english gotta to go now bye!

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