Bad Zombies

Blur; The world has take over by zombies but can the children survival the zombies take over?


1. drug free zone

'Alex come down now' I said he come down 'what' Alex said he looks skinny blone hair little long hair. 'Alex we got've bad news' I said. Alex look shaking and he ran into the living room we sat down. 'the cannbiel on the way be aware ahh the zombie, it bit me!.' And the TV switch off me and my family was panic my dad shout and ran backdoor 'what you doing?' I said 'right you make combie like dead rising 2.' Deadrising 2 it my fav but my dad would let me play with that. So my famliy prepare now so my dad drove over there it called ''Mcdonlad Alive there'' my dad drove in there and we open the door my mum it shaking. Hold my baby brother it Alexis it close my brother name. And Jack he good making eletrion and my mum she fright of zombies but she refuse stab the zombie only shoot. Because she fussy about blood i know. So my 2 brother was upset 'what wrong' I said 'I don't want to die' Alex said 'but i thought you will help me.' He look upset 'I will help you survival ok' I said 'yeah' Alex said. So we got in and the 3 people in there 'hi welcome to Mcdonald' the lady said 'do i know you' I said 'oh I forget my manner my name is Alice' Alice said 'my is Luke' I said 'nice meet you' Alice said. I look for burger and chip the man cooking 'you not allowed here!' the man said with booming vocie. 'I just come here' I said 'oh sorry i thought the nerd were here sorry my bad, excuse my manner my is Dom' Dom said 'my is Luke.' I said 'Aye your name it is Luce right' Dom said 'No?!' I said weird 'I just kidding' Dom said. Anyway I grabbed it and I saw the guns round here i grabbed it sniper and machine pistol 'do you got upstair' I asked Alice 'yep the ladder over there' Alice said 'thank.' I said she look like 12 or 13 and skinny with bright blone hair. I got up and I open wide eyes I saw load of zombies.




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