Directioner Valentines!

This is my entry for the 1SHOT41D competition! It's a one shot I've been working hard on, please enjoy and support me!!


1. My Directioner Valentines

Kelli's P.O.V

I am your average 15 year old directioner with emerald green eyes and brown hair with a few (natural) blonde streaks. Apparently my mum and friends, Juliet and Alianah set me up on a blind date because they want me to 'live a little'. Well, I hope this date is worth it because it's the first date I've ever been on and hopefully it will be my first real relationship. I'm just getting on to the final touches of my look. Clothing: I have a purple and pink flowy summer dress. Hair: My hair is in a neat high ponytail with a shiny gold head band on top and I left my side fringe out. Make-up: Just one layer of lip gloss, purple eye shadow, and some light blush. 

I'm done and on my way! My mum gave me the address to a nearby cafe which she said is around the corner. I hopped in my red ferrari and headed off. I was about to get out of the car when some one opened the door for me. "Hello love, are you Kelli?" I stepped out and nearly fell when I saw Harry Styles from One Direction! Luckily, Harry was right there to catch me and I was just standing there open- mouthed in shock! "OMG! Are you my date for real?! I mean you're the Harry Styles, why did you accept me?! I'm just a normal girl who isn't even pretty?!" I both exclaimed and questioned. "First of all yes I'm your date and secondly you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!" Harry said, sweetly. I blushed and even though I was wearing blush I had shown. "Wow, thanks Harry! BTW, I'm a big time directioner and was wondering if I could um, get an autograph?" I asked. "Sure my love, follow me first." Harry responded. "Okay! I screamed as he took my hand and led me to his ferarri. "Cool, you have a red ferarri too!" I said. "Yep I sure do. Now hop in, we're going somewhere special today!" Harry said in excitement. 

"Where are we going?" I asked, confused. " "It's a surprise, Kelli" Harry shook in response obviously showing that he won't budge a clue. 

*** 20 minutes later ***

We arrived at an airport and quickly rushed through security and got onto a private jet. "H- Harry you're not kidnapping me, are you?" I asked nervously shaking. "of course not love. Your mum and friends helped me set this surprise up." He responded, sighing because he had given away a clue.

*** 1 hour later ***

We arrived at an airport and I read the sign. It said 'welcome to valentines island'. I jumped up and down. "Thanks Harry!" I screamed. "No problem, love" Harry said sweetly. He walked me outside and there was limo waiting for us! We hopped in and arrived at a bridge. I got out and Harry walked me further down, near the far side of the private bridge. When I saw a candlelit picnic dinner I was speechless. "Is it bad?" Harry asked, nervously. "Of course not, Harry! This is the most romantic thing ever!" I replied. "What do you mean, Kelli?" Harry asked confused. "Oh well it's just that this is my first ever date so I can't really say the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for me because it's my first time. 

For the rest of the night we just ate and talk about ourselves to get to know each other better. "I'm cold, can we go now, Harry?" I asked, shivering. "Of course. Paul drove us to a massive hotel. "OMG! Harry, this is the hotel I saw online. I've always wanted to stay here!" I exclaimed. "Well, now that dream has come true, Kelli!" Harry sounded relieved that I liked it. We got out of the car and into the lift which took us to level 54 (the highest level). When we got out of the lift I nearly fainted because I realised it was more like a pent house rather than a hotel room! The whole level for all for us! "Thanks Harry! You're the best!" I excalimed. "Listen, Kelli I really need to talk to you." He sounded nervous. "Um, okay let's go to the room then". Harry and I were going to share the same room. There were two large beds and I loved what was happening! When we got into the room, Harry looked my straight in the eye and I did the same to his eyes. "Well, Kelli, I know we only met but I really love you. You're the one that I want to be with for the rest of my life. I know this is your first date but please understand that I will protect you and be here with you." Harry said, nearly in tears. I was no where near tears... well not yet. "Um, well I really um love you too, Haz but it is kind of awkward because we kind of just met." I stated.

Harry's P.O.V

She said she loved me! I got down on one knee and Kelli screamed because she thought I was proposing but I wasn't. "Kelli Jane Jonson, will you be my girlfriend and accept this promise ring?" She started crying and I was really nervous. She finally said through sobs, "Yes, Harry I will be your girlfriend and I will be the one to accept this promise ring". I smiled and she stopped crying and smiled back. I gave her a peck on the lips and as I was about to turn away, she pulled me in. We ended up kissing for 3 minutes and then it started raining outside. I took Kel out in front of the hotel and kissed her in the rain! I could finally cross that off my bucket list! "Harry! I just crossed something off my bucket list. Oh, yeah!" She screamed. "I did too!" I smiled. We headed back upstairs and ended up kissing for like half an hour. When I pulled back I slipped under the covers of my bed and told Kelly, "I'm tired so if you want you can sleep in your bed now." I explained. She shook her head 'no' and slipped in next to me.


(They did end up getting married and having one girl named Darcy and one boy named Aiden.

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