The Split...

Amanda Susic hasn't been living the greatest life. Her parents divorced when she was only three and was left with her mother while her brother, Niall, was taken by her father . Not long after, Amanda's mother remarried to another man and it wasn't the man she liked but they soon got along. When she finally met her only friend, Benjamin, she found out that he needed to go Denmark for about a year. She is now heartbroken. She had lost everyone she loved the most and the only thing she had with her now... It's a puppy that Benjamin had given her before he left. Afterwards, her biological father died in a dreadful car crash and her brother was placed in an orphanage. But the orphanage soon closed down and matters were taken into her mum's hand.


5. Shocking News


Chapter 5-

Mum looked really exited, which was a bit kinda unusual. I've never seen her this exited.

''honey, guess what?!'' she asked exitedly

''what?!'' i said exitedly. This should be somethig good (it better be!). I had a bright, big smile on my face, getting really exited with what she was about to say.

''I said guess'' she said getting really exited. I'm not really good at guessing, Hmm... what can it be? The marrige is canceled and Rob is going somewhere far, far away?! wait...she wouldn't be exited for that. What if.... oh no! this can't be good. But what if it's not? Come on think positive Amanda! POSITIVE!

''umm.. Amanda, sweetheart you with us?'' asked Rob. Did he just call me sweet heart? Oh no he didn't! If i could just punch him on the face and shoot his head and bcrunch his bones, and, and... ok, i think i'm going too far now. But what ever i just said i wanted to do, i will (if only i could)!

''uh.. hmm.. yeah'' I replied sounding less exited and kinda confused

''so what's your guess?'' asked my mum hoping i would get the right answer

''not really good at guessing'' i said

''come on! have a go!''

''no, please just tell me!''

''Ok, Rob and I are going to get married on....''

''The 31st of December 2012'' continued Rob

The big, bright, exited smile I had a few minutes ago had turned it to a frown. My guess was right. They're getting married. What can I do now? I guess everything I planned on getting them seperated just probably won't work. But I've got an idea! Just wait till the wedding and it will be a total mess!

I walked away slowly and went up to my room. I heard footsteps behind me and I straight away knew it was my mum.I entered my room and left the door half open, knowing that my mum was gonna come in. I went to my bed and told my mum that I was gonna go sleep but she knew me too well. I wouldn't sleep this early. It was only 8:30.

''Honey, why do you look so down?'' she asked sitting on my bed

''no, i'm fine'' i replied weakly

''why don't you like Rob? he's a great guy, i'm sure you'll love him. We'll have fun together!''

''he's a great guy to you, you obviously love him and YOU will have fun! not me!'' I said. I felt like crying.

''You just don't unders-''

''no, YOU don't understand!''

My mum hugged me and I started to cry...

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