The Split...

Amanda Susic hasn't been living the greatest life. Her parents divorced when she was only three and was left with her mother while her brother, Niall, was taken by her father . Not long after, Amanda's mother remarried to another man and it wasn't the man she liked but they soon got along. When she finally met her only friend, Benjamin, she found out that he needed to go Denmark for about a year. She is now heartbroken. She had lost everyone she loved the most and the only thing she had with her now... It's a puppy that Benjamin had given her before he left. Afterwards, her biological father died in a dreadful car crash and her brother was placed in an orphanage. But the orphanage soon closed down and matters were taken into her mum's hand.


2. Remarried? No way!



''Yeah?... u wanna what?'' i said taking a cup of water

''I...umm.. wanna get remarried'' i spat my water in shock. she wants to what?

''I'm sorry mum, was is just me or did you just say that you wanted to get remarried?'' I asked in disbelieve.

''Yes honey you heard me right, I wanna get remarried'' she said looking pretty unsure

''what?! no way! to who?'' i said not in an happy or exited kind of way but in a NO WAY kind of way. I know I've always wanted to have a dad, but... not a stepdad I wanted a REAL dad! I want my daddy back. I miss him, i really do i mean like even though he went through fighs with my mum and everythng i still love him no matter what.I also want my 'pwince' back. He said he was jut gonna get some energy and come back. Does it really take that long for an energy? eight years?

''so umm.. honey what do you think?'' my mum said hoping i would say yes but no way in the world i would ay yes to that!

''no mum, sorry i just don't want to have a stepdad'' i said starting to walk away

''wait honey, i know how much you love your dad and i know it's a lot to take but please this is for our own good'' i felt a little sorry for her but i just can't. i just have a feeling that if she marries another man she'll love me less and i don't want that to happen.

I went to my room and got a text from Benjamin

Benjamin: hey Am u busy?

me: nah, not really

benjamin: mind if i come over?

me: soz benj, not in a really good situation right now

benjamin: oh ok, mind telling me what's wrong?

me: meet me at the park

benjamin: when?now?

me: nah, next year! duh now!

benjamin: kk c'ya

me: c'ya


I went down stairs and saw my mum on a chouch watching tv with a random dude. oh no! don't tell me that's gonna be my sepdad. please god please! I went past the chouch and heard my mum saying ...

''Amanda honey, come here for a sec'' she said

''one! bye!'' i joked

''no honey properly!'' said my mum

''what? u said a sec!''

''i meant a while''

''oh, i see so... you're Amanda?'' said the random dude

''yeah i am'' i said

''hi I'm Robert but you may call me Rob'' he said putting his hand out for me to shake. we shaked hands awkwardly and i let go saying ''I'm really sorry but my friend's waiting for me''

''boy or girl?'' he asked

'' why do you care?'' i said. I'm not usually like this but i don't like him like seriously, Rob? wow! cool name... NOT!

''honey, that's not really nice...what do you say?" said my mum

''what? sorry? why should he care? he's still a stranger to me!'' i said running to he door and slaming the door behind me.

*at the park*

''Yo saussage, what took you so long? i've been waiting here for atleast 1 year!'' he said in a joking kind of way

''soz, knucklehead had something to deal with''

'' oh ok, so what was it that you wanted to tell me?''

''oh yeah about that. my mum wanna remarry''

''cograts! isn't that a good thing? why do you look so down?''

''no, its not a good thing!''

''why not? you've always wanted to have a dad''

''well yeah i've always wanted to have a dad but not a stepdad! i want a REAL dad!'' i said starting to cry

''don't cry, it-''

''yeah, go on tell me how everything's gonna be okay!'' i said interupting him

''Just come on Amanda u can do this i know you can! you'll have fun with him! Just do what you normally do and you'll soon get use to it'' said Benjamin trying to calm me down

''but what if she loves him more than she loves me?''

''that's what i use to think but that's not true. your mum will love you more than anyone else. trust me''

''really? you sure?''

''yes really!100% sure!''

''thnx Benj, i appericiate everything you do to me. Means a lot! especially for being my friend!''

''nah,never mind. you don't have to thank me you should thank yourself for finding a friend like ME!''

''haha Benj very funny!''

''what c'mon i thought you loved me!''

''yeah ofcourse i do! there isn't a reason to hate you!''

We both hugged each other and walked back home...

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