The Split...

Amanda Susic hasn't been living the greatest life. Her parents divorced when she was only three and was left with her mother while her brother, Niall, was taken by her father . Not long after, Amanda's mother remarried to another man and it wasn't the man she liked but they soon got along. When she finally met her only friend, Benjamin, she found out that he needed to go Denmark for about a year. She is now heartbroken. She had lost everyone she loved the most and the only thing she had with her now... It's a puppy that Benjamin had given her before he left. Afterwards, her biological father died in a dreadful car crash and her brother was placed in an orphanage. But the orphanage soon closed down and matters were taken into her mum's hand.


4. Dinner With Rob...


Chapter 4-

I went down and went to the dinner table. I sat down and Rob was blocking my wall view. To be honest, I would prefer looking at the wall than his face. It suddenly just gets interesting somehow, or is it because I hate him?

''oh hello Amanda!'' said rob suddenly

''mum told me that its not good to talk while eating'' I said, not wanting to talk to him. I don't like talking to him for some reason, i myself dont even know why, and it isn't because I hate him.

''well, i'm sorry but i umm.. pretty sure that there shouldn't be any problem with just at least saying hi. Infact, you said something longer than hi.'' he said

''sorry, still can't talk'' i replied and continued eating, trying not to look at him.

''okay...'' he said awkwardly

I quickly fiished dinner and ran to my room. Just when i opened my door my mum called me to go down. Seriously? what now? I went down and she told me something shocking which was...

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