The Split...

Amanda Susic hasn't been living the greatest life. Her parents divorced when she was only three and was left with her mother while her brother, Niall, was taken by her father . Not long after, Amanda's mother remarried to another man and it wasn't the man she liked but they soon got along. When she finally met her only friend, Benjamin, she found out that he needed to go Denmark for about a year. She is now heartbroken. She had lost everyone she loved the most and the only thing she had with her now... It's a puppy that Benjamin had given her before he left. Afterwards, her biological father died in a dreadful car crash and her brother was placed in an orphanage. But the orphanage soon closed down and matters were taken into her mum's hand.


3. Arguments?Grounded? Great! Just Great!


Chapter 3-

...''You wanna come in?it's still 7pm'' said Benjamin as we walked home passing his house.

''Yeah sure but I can't stay long'' i replied in agreement

''It's starting to rain anyway and i wouldn't want you to get sick''


''no prob!''


''It's getting late i think i should go now'' i said standing up from the couch we were sleeping on for the past couple of hours.

''yeah i think so too. C'ya tomorow! Gonna beat ya!'' he teased

''you wish!''

''we'll see!''

''i've gotta go now! Lates!''



''Amanda my dear where have you been?'' my mum asked coming towards me angrily

''I was at Benjamin's'' i replied, tired

''Go to your room now!''

''That's what I'm exactly doing!'' i said kinda rudely

''What is going on with you? why have you been acting so rude lately?''

''It's because of your stupid Rob!''

''Amanda! he will soon become your father and i wouln't want you to act like that infront of him! do you understand?'' she was getting a little angry,

''but i don't want him to be my father!''

''well, too bad i'm marrying him and there's nothing you can do about it!''

''yes, i can!''

''what are you gonna do about it?''

''run away!!''

''no you're not, go to your room now! you're grounded which means no going out of your room !''

I ran upstairs and slammed the door crying. Why does this have to happen to me? I've lost my dad and my one and only brother and what now? I can't do this! I can't stand this anymore, i've gotta do something.

*next morning*

I quickly got ready for school wanting to beat Benjamin. I grabbed my lunch money, not wanting to talk to my mum.

''I'll go by bus today'' i said

''no honey, get in the car now!'' she said when i was just about to open the door.

''i'll be fine!''

''No, listen to me!''

''ok fine!''

I went in the car calling my mum telling her to hurry up. She finnaly got in the car and opened the garage door.

''look honey, i'm sorry about yesterday...'' was all i heard before putting my earplugs in my ear.

We arrived school and parkes the car on our usual spot.

''remember what i say okay?''said my mum before i exited

''hmm...'' was all i said before slaming the door. What did she say?

I saw Benjamin walking so i quickly ran to the front gate pretending to wait for him.

''Ha! Bet ya!'' i said

''Dammit! again!'' he said

''haha c'mon let's go class''


''WOW! look who's here!'' said Stacey, a so called 'popular' girl reffering more to me.

''leave her alone! why should you care who is where?!'' Benjamin defended

''As if a hot guy like you would wanna hang out with her!" she said in a flirty way when she said 'hot'

''Just shut up! You have no right to judge her! you kow nothing about her!''

'' Call me babe!'' she said giving him a piece of paper and walking off giving me an evil look.

On our way to class Benjamin chucked the piece of paper Stacey gave him.

''Why did you chuck it?'' I asked

''what the paper?'' he said and i nodded '' You seriously think I would call her?''

''Maybe'' i replied

''No way!''


''Hey honey how was school today?'' asked my mum.

I ignored her and quickly went upstairs to my bedroom. A couple of hours later my mum called me to eat dinner. I was about to come down but heard Rob's voice saying ''hmm..what's cooking?'' i think or something like that. My mum called me once more.

''Amanda honey come down'' she called from the kitchen

''no, i can't i'm grounded!'' i replied shouting so she could hear me

I than heard Rob's voice saying ''You grounded her?'' he asked

''no, don't be silly ofcourse i didn't! 1sec i'll go get her!'' she replied. she's the worst liar!

I heard my mum's footsteps on the stairs and my door suddenly opened.

''what did i tell u earlier? come down now!'' he said in a whispering voice

''but i'm grounded and you said i can't come out of my room, and plus you usually bring food here!'' i replied

''well, Rob's here and i don't want him to think that you're a bad girl by getting grounded!''

''does this mean you're gonna Un-ground me?'' i asked hoping she would say yes

''no, you'll still be grounded''

''well, then i'm not going down!''

''ok, you're UN-grounded''

''Thank you!!''

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