The Split...

Amanda Susic hasn't been living the greatest life. Her parents divorced when she was only three and was left with her mother while her brother, Niall, was taken by her father . Not long after, Amanda's mother remarried to another man and it wasn't the man she liked but they soon got along. When she finally met her only friend, Benjamin, she found out that he needed to go Denmark for about a year. She is now heartbroken. She had lost everyone she loved the most and the only thing she had with her now... It's a puppy that Benjamin had given her before he left. Afterwards, her biological father died in a dreadful car crash and her brother was placed in an orphanage. But the orphanage soon closed down and matters were taken into her mum's hand.


1. The Split...




"NO! THAT'S IT! WE'RE. DONE!" I heard my dad saying to my mum

"Ok, if you say so" replied my mum, crying

"I'm leaving and I'm taking the boy with me!"

"No, but he's my son! I gave birth to him! "

" I don't care u can still have the girl" said my dad carrying my 5 years old brother and hugging me saying "It's ok sweety, you'll be fine. Daddy and Niall are just gonna go visit your nana and stay there for a while"

"But daddy, Amanda wants to come too!" I said

''No, sorry sweety not now but I'll take you some other time''

''Ok, daddy bye niall have fun tell nana I luf her and don't stay too long, the pwince haven't save the pwincess yet!"

''I won't, the prince just have to get some energy and will be right back!" said my 5 years old brother

''ok sweety we have to go now, take care of yourself ok?!'' said my dad hugging me and gaving my mum an evil look.

*end of flashback*

So here I am, 11 year old me having no dad and no siblings. Just a mum, a single mum. Back in the first and second and maybe third grade I use to always get jealous of my friends for not having a dad and I use to even get bullied and have no friend. I use to even be put at the same table as the neards. It was actually kinda disgusting how they eat but I soon got use to it, it was tough but what can you do? that's life right?

I've just became friends with this new boy named Benjamin. He shares the same life as me, but the difference is just that he has a step dad unlike me, no dad at all. I liked him because he understands me and stands up for me. He's like the best guy-friend you can ever have, unlike anyother who thinks they're so cool and everything. He's probably one of the cool kids in our primary school, but becaus of me he gets teased.

*next day*

''hey gurl, hey!'' said Benjamin

''oh, geez hi!'' I replied with a smile. We then did our handshake and quickly went to class. Incase you're wondering we wait for eacother infront of the gates enery morning we sometimes even race each other.


''Amanda...'' called my mum from the kitchen

''yes?'' i said rushing from the door to the kitchen. Something seems odd. My mum looks happy but at the same time confused.

''I need to tell u something honey but promise me you won't be mad?!'' promise? she doesn't usually tell me to promise because she trusts me but... now?

''yeah mum... promise?!''

'' I... umm.. wanna...

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