We Are Enchanting VS One Direction

"Wh-what the hell are you..? Are you even human..."


11. While Out To Coffee, Isobel Plays Away


*Isobel's Pov*


Well, well, well it seems like I might need to find another host, shame. I really liked this one, so much power, but so much purities ugh it makes me sick. I hate how she's so "nice" ugh  every time it's so boring seriously no one should ever be that nice. But then again I get a pure soul and make it well impure, that would teach Chauntelle to lock me away! Any who, who could I choose? Hmm that rhymes. What about that photographer...what was her name?..I'll get to that later but first, I need my oh-so-powerfull-and-evil-best friends Vexx the goddess of pain and suffering and how could I forget my dear Mesperyian the goddess of torture and punishment and she just happens to be the daughter of Hades the god of the underworld. Now all I need to do is find them a host of their own.

I find it funny how people 'google' it's marvelous actually because no one known to man have been able to 'google' myself as a god or a goddess, and Chauntelle wonders why all the time. But really you can not google some one or something if no one knew I existed. I am what you would call a hybrid, a child born of two different species. 

My mother Athena goddess of wisdom, warfare, strategy, heroic endeavour, handicrafts and reason. My grandfather Zeus king of gods, ruler of mount Olympus and god of sky, weather, thunder, fate, law and order. My grandmother Metis goddess of good counsel, advice, planning, cunning, craftiness and wisdom. 

My father Deimos the god of terror and his twin brother Phobos the god of fear. My grandfather Ares god of war, blood lust  violence, manly courage and civil order. My grandmother Aphrodite goddess of love, lust, beauty, seduction and pleasure.

I possess all traits from Athena and Deimos as well as my grandparents Zeus and Metis and Ares and Aphrodite. I am the hybrid of chaos, indestructible, as I possess the powers of strategy, weather, wisdom and terror, beauty and seduction. 

I still remember how my parents paths crossed~ "One fateful day, Ares and Athena descended onto Sparta to take Deimos, unleashing an army of Centaurs to decimate the populace while they searched for him. They quickly found the young Deimos amidst the chaos and took him while he was training with Kratos, though his brother attempted to stop Ares. Kratos lunged at Ares to keep him from taking his brother but Ares struck him down, scarring him over his right eye. Ares then attempted to kill Kratos, but Athena quickly told him not to, as they already had what they where looking for. Ares then disappeared in a cloud of fire. Athena apologized to Kratos, then disappeared in a cloud of fire." 

But what those petty humans did not know was that when Deimos and Athena were travelling together Deimos was able to seduce Athena with his terror. A true love affair that no one, not even the great Zeus could discover. 



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