We Are Enchanting VS One Direction

"Wh-what the hell are you..? Are you even human..."


5. Wait...What?!

*Chauny's POV*

"I've bought you all a house" Simon said proudly. What had he done? The girls and I have at least 5 times a week where we talk and do spells, how are we suppose to do that with the boys no doubt watching our every move. Especially Harry, I had a feeling that he wasn't going to let our little inciedent off easilly.

I was speachless, all the words I could manage to get out was
"You bought a what?!"I asked shocked still.
"I bought a house for you and the boys to share, get over this grudge and actually get to know one and another" Simon answered 
"Yeah thanks, but no thanks. Us girls are just fine living with Maddy" Vannessa said sharply,
"Vennessa!" I shouted under my breath, kicking her under the table
"I thought about that, but I called Maddy and she even insisted with my idea" Simon replied,
"Well, that's just great, isn't it boys?" GG replied with that, trying to cool the air, like always. The all had muffled groans. 
"All the furniture should be in the house in about 1 week, by then I expect you to all have moved in. Here's a key for each of you" Simon said handing everyone a key. 

~1 Week Later~

We all groaned as we woke up, today was the day, the house was ready and we had to move in.
Yay us! Although I wasn't thrilled about the idea, I did at least want to get to the house first so me and the girls could have first selection. 
"Ok what's the address?" GG asked. 
"24 Hildon Street, London" I read out. 
"We don't have time to waste, so take us to 24 Hildon Street before our mates" I said and with that we had all gone and were standing in a large luxurious mansion.

It was at least three stories high, with pearl and white marble floors, the walls on the sides of the house had giant glass window panels, and carpet wooden stairs that lead up to all the floors. The ground/1st floor had the kitchen, study, lounge & rumpus room, all evenly spaced out.

The 2nd floor had a study, three beautiful bathrooms that included a bath, toilet, shower and sink, with a wall length mirror and one that hung about the sink. It had a couple of already filled linen closets, two guest rooms and the boys room- four king sized beds evenly spread out with on each side of the room a walk in wardrobe (the size of a guest bedroom) and the bathroom, almost identical to the bathroom down the hall, there was a glass panel sliding door at the back of the room that lead onto the balcony, the view was amazing, it's like you could see all of London.

The 3rd floor was ours! It was almost identical to the 2nd floor the boys had, but our room, bathroom and walk-in wardrobe was twice the size(after all we are girls) but, the balcony- it was the same as the boys, but only higher, which wasn't so bad. We all walked along till we got to the end of the hall towards one off the back windows, (which had one of those window seats) was an elevator, but it only went up.

Curiosity got the best of us, so Taylah pressed the call button and we all packed into the elevator and went up, as the doors opened up we all gapsed. It was like a wonderland, there was a beautiful grren house filled with roses, jasmines, lilies, and other exotic flowers, fruits and plants, footpaths collided along the floor with stones and pebbels ending up at the spa, jucuzzi and the incredibly huge swimming pool, at one side was a mini bar and to the other was lounge chairs for tanning. This was all too much. 
"Wow!" Taylah said looking around.

"It's beautiful" I stated 

"I forgot the bags!" Vennessa said panicking. 

"They aren't here yet, so...we can still use our powers!" I giggled. 

"Bags Bags, GG, Venessa, Taylah's, Kristina's and mine. Come quick we don't have much time" all five of us chanted said as I saw all the bags pop onto the roof, where we were standing.

We all smiled and took them downstairs to our level. I counted all the beds. They were 1 short. I began to groan, lets hope those idiotic boys don't try anything. We had finished unpacking everything and we went downstairs to have a look in the pantry and cupboards.. Empty. No one really wanted to go to the supermarket so I just cast another spell and everything was filled. 
"Wow its only 9! Lets cook some breakfast." Kristina said as we starting making eggs and bacon. A few minutes later we heard the boys come in. 
"Second again eh boys?" I winked as they all groaned. 
"I'm guessing you all took the good beds? Or where you actually nice for once?" Louis said groggily. 
"Nice?" Vennessa scoffed "Please".

God that girl!. I telepathically started speaking,
"Stop it! He's the enemy remember!" I shouted in her head on top of all the other girls screams at her. 
"Oh well, that's how the penny rolls. So you guys should go get your beds. Oh by the way we are 1 bed short so 1 of you 2 will have to sleep in the same bed" I said pointing at the boys. 
"Couldn't I share.. a bed with you?" Harry said coming uncontrollably close to me and smirking trying to grab hold of my hands. I shook him off. 
"If you actually get some brains! But who are we kidding that will never happen" I spat and walked out the other girls following close behind. 

I turned back, picked up the plate of food and started walking up stairs again.

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