We Are Enchanting VS One Direction

"Wh-what the hell are you..? Are you even human..."


6. The Truth..

*Louis' POV*

We got our bags settled and then Niall yelled to the girls 
"But what about breakfast?!",
"There's food in the fridge, pantry and other cupboards! What do I look like to you? Bloody room service?!" Chauntelle yelled back, leaning over the railing on their floor

"But I'm Hungry, and I can't cook! and I'm hungry!!! PLEASE!!!!!" Niall shouted at the top of his lungs, one last time

"Ugh, okay! Fine! But on one condition!" Chauntelle shouted down "Keep him and his perverty-ness! Away from me!" pointing towards Hazza
"No more being perverted! She's sixteen for gods sake!" Niall stated as he scolded Harry

"And I'm hungry!" he whined  

"I am not perverted" Harry called up

"You keep thinking that princess" Kristina joined in the conversation
"Whatever makes you sleep at night" Taylah quickly added
"As long as it's not in my bed!" Chauntelle yelled.


*Chauny's POV*

I decided to go back downstairs and finish breakfast, plus if I didn't Taylah would be all in my head whining, literally. I ended up making huge piles of toast, more eggs and bacon, pancakes, waffles, and basically what Niall kept on shouting out, even though he was sitting on the other side of the bench. I carried all six plates in my arms, as I balanced the serving plates on my head, over to the table, good thing I was a waitress for awhile.

Everyone sat around, well girls on one side, the boys on the other. Litterally they all jumped in, stuffing their faces. To be honest despite our differences, I really don't think the boys cared who cooked, as long as it was food and edible they were okay.
"You're now cooking every meal" Niall said while stuffing his face,
"You should try her ice-cream" Taylah added while also stuffing her face I could see Niall's eyes widen as he heard the words ice cream, I gave out a little laugh,
"No way! I ain't your cooking wench!" I stated "and this is not a restaurant, you can learn to cook yah own dam meals"
"But you did so well in all those cooking competitions you entered" GG added
"Only because it's a hobby not a job" I replied,

Vennessa being cheeky said "Didn't you want to be a pastry chef if singing or designing didn't work out" I glanced at her,
"What do you design?" Zayn asked
"Clothes, shoes, ham-bags, gowns, anything really." I added "in fact the dress I'm wearing right now is one of them". I told them, as I twirled around, aftert a few more minuets of a pleading Niall,

I gave in "Okay fine, I'll do the cooking," I added, making sure they knew my price "but you have to clean!"

Niall looked at me with a giant smile, after the food was gone, everyone split up to check out the house.But both Taylah and Niall stayed to complained to me at the same time to annoy 
"We're still hungry" they whined in sync 
"No! no more food! If you want food, make it yourself, I'm not making snacks, only the main courses  I said in a stern voice to get my opinion across, before I knew it Taylah was half way through a spell, "TAYLAH!!" I screamed in her head,
"What!" she replied,
"You're doing a spell! stop!" I could tell by her voice she didnt mean it
"Oh sh*t", we were interrupted by Niall
"What did you say"
"Nothing!" Taylah and I both quickly spoke and left the kitchen in a hurry and ran up the stairs into our room, where the boys had given us an extra bed.

*Niall's POV*

What the heck just happened? That was weird, one second Taylah is muttering something in a rhyme then the next they're both running upstairs. What is going on with those girls?! I went upstairs to our room and told them what had happened, Harry stood up and said
"I told you they do some sort of magic thing!" in an 'I-told-you-so' voice, Liam spoke up
"Don't be ridiculous, there is no such thing as magic"
Harry had one of those 'I've-got-an-idea' faces, When we heard the girls talking next door.
"Lets go hear what they're going on about"
"You can't do that harry! Its an invasion of privacy" Liam said looking concerned at Harry. Harry and I went anyway, our curiosity was taking over us completely. We walked over to their door and pressed our ears against the door, we could hear them talking

"I didn't mean it, seriously it was accident" Taylah said sadly 

"I know, but you've got to be more careful'" Chauntelle added "especially now, especially that the boys are probably watching our every move and listening to every word we say"

What were they talking about?! Their conversation ended with GG calming the girls
"Okay, lets just calm down, we need to work out how we are going to get the boys out of the house at least a few nights per week"

What? What would they be doing? I could hear one of the girls say
"Shhhhh" she continued "there's someone listening"

Sh*t! How'd they find out? We heard foot steps and quickly ran down to our level, closing the door behind us quickly.

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